Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why I Am No Longer Subscribed to Sample Society

Today's subscription service that I am no longer subscribed to is: 
Beauty Bar Sample Society by Allure

Favorite item: 
Deborah Lippmann 'Private Dancer' Mirrored Chrome Nail Lacquer. (Sample Society August 2012) 

The gloves I knit were the focus of this picture, but it was the only one of me wearing this polish.

At first look it is a rich, royal purple....

...but just look at that duochrome! Glorious!

The label

I love this nail polish so much! I would never spend the money ($19!!!) to buy this myself, but I'm so grateful that it was sent out during one of the months I was subscribed! 

Least Favorite Item:
CellCeuticals Extremely Gentle Cleanser (SS September 2012) 

The most boring facial cleanser EVER

This is ok as a cleanser.  It doesn't really do much for me and it kinda smells bad.  However, I did end up using it to wash my newest tattoo as it was healing.  I needed something very gentle, and this fit the bill.  It's really not that bad as far as the samples I received go, it was just my least favorite out of the 15 items I was sent over the 3 months I was subscribed.  I think I would have liked it more if I had super sensitive skin.  I don't, but if you are reading this and have been looking for the face-wash equivalent of a baby's bottom, this is your product.  It's about as innocuous as you can get! 

What I liked
SS sent out high quality items from luxury brands that other services do not seem to sample.  All of the samples were a great size, and if they were not full-sized, they were certainly big enough to use for a while to get a feel for the product.  A nice variety of products were sent out each month, from hair to skin to makeup, with none of the goofy lifestyle items like pens and laundry detergent.

What I didn't like
The price.  $15 is a little steep to add onto my $20 for BB and Ipsy.  I'm not giving either one of them up, so SS had to go.  I really enjoyed most of the items I received, but I didn't ever buy a full size of them due to the cost, mostly.  $15 off of $50 is nice, but I would still end up paying more than I would want for a full-sized item.  I got 3 months from them and it was worth way more than the $45 I spent, but for now I'm more interested in trendy makeup items than a nice toner or eye cream.  Ipsy and BB stay, SS goes.  If I were 10 years older, I think this would be my favorite box of them all. 

If you would like to try out SS, use code J.C.9102 and $5 will be donated to various charities chosen by Sample Society. (RI residents, among a few other states, can not get the $5 referral credited to their account, so it goes to charity instead.)

This post contains products that were purchased by me through Sample Society.  All opinions are my own.  This post contains a referral code that will result in $5 being donated to charity whenever anyone uses it to subscribe to SS.

My All-Subscription Box Vacation, Part 1

I'm going on vacation! It's a "surprise," but I'm pretty sure we are heading to somewhere on Cape Cod for two nights and most of three days. Vacations are great. Not only do I get to stuff my face with delicious foods with the excuse that, "I'm on vacation," I get the chance to use up some of the sample products I've received from subscription boxes. Sub boxes are great; I haven't had to buy a travel size of anything in over a year! I killed so many foil packets in Europe last summer; it was fantastic. Here is what I am packing for my weekend away:

Hello, hair products!

 Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo (Birchbox December 2012). I love this stuff, it smells great and is sulfate free! I only plan on shampooing once while I am there, so it's fine that this is clarifying.

(MALIN + GOETZ) Cilantro Hair Conditioner (Birchbox October 2012). This is ok. It's not my favorite conditioner, it's not quite strong enough for my hair, but it's fine for travel. I'm almost out, I have 1 use left in the bottle.

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle (Birchbox April 2013). I've already expressed my love for this product *um yeah, let me actually upload that entry*. The travel-sized bottle makes me happy. I might just sleep with it under my pillow in the hopes that some magical hair fairy grants all my wishes.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper (Birchbox November 2012/ July 2013). This will do just fine for the beach.

Davines Oi/Oil (Birchbox June 2013). This is part of their 3-step system. I already used the conditioner packet, and the shampoo contains sulfates so I try to use it only every now and then (it smells sooo good though!), so this is all I have left to try out of the three. I plan on straightening my hair if we go out to a fancy dinner and this will be my finishing product. There are also some twistbands hiding under there. I like them a lot and have a ton everywhere; my car, my desk at work, upstairs, downstairs, in the side table by the couch, in the bathroom...

All the face gunk I'm bringing

LA Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes (Ipsy March 2013) These are perfectly adequate for wiping the day off of my face at night. They will do just fine for this weekend away. \

(MALIN + GOETZ) Grapefruit Face Cleaner (Birchbox October 2012) I haven't tried this, but everything else by this company has been decent. I love the smell of grapefruit, so I'll probably like this. I'm assuming this will be enough for 1 night.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser  (Birchbox June 2013) I'm bringing my last little bit of this with me for the second night. I loved this product! I think it's too expensive to buy the full price, but maybe if I save up my BB points for a while I will splurge on it. It smells delicious! I may or may not have tasted a little bit and we will just say that it smells better than it tastes.

Coola Mineral Sunscreen- Unscented (Ipsy July 2013) Sunscreen is a must-have. I'm also bringing SPF100000000000 for my body and face if we go to the beach or spend any amount of time outside. This is just for every-day anyway use under my makeup.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentré (Birchbox January 2013) This is supposed to be good. We shall see. This is for at night, I didn't feel like packing my big full-sized Juice Beauty moisturizer that was in the June Popsugar.

Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste (Birchbox May 2013) I like this toothpaste, but not enough to buy it. The sample is nice and I don't have another travel size at the moment. I'm going to the dentist a few days after we get back and will get one then ;) All of this fits into the little silver makeup bag that Ipsy sent in December 2012. Excellent.

This post contains items that were received in Birchbox and Ipsy, both of which are purchased with my own funds.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My All-Subscription Box Vacation, Part 2

I'm getting excited for my vacation this weekend! Here is what is in my makeup bag- almost everything is from subscription boxes! 

The non-subscription box products

NYC Browser Brush-On Brow Kit because nothing finishes your look like filled-in brows! This may be all I end up using. Who knows. 

Bare Minerals Original Foundation in case I need some extra coverage 

Various brushes and an eyelash curler. Some of these are from sub boxes (like the SoHo brush in my Ipsy top 5), and some are not. Either way, they are not anything special. 

These will make me feel pretty

Blinc Mascara (Birchbox July 2012) I love this tubing mascara. It doesn't wash off unless you want it to- perfect for going for a swim! 

Chella Ivory Lace Eyebrow Pencil (Ipsy June 2013) I've already written about this in my top 5 Ipsy list. 

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush (Ipsy July 2013) Same with this! It's the perfect summer day lip color. 

Vincent Longo Lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick in Cherry (Glossybox January 2013) For a nice dinner out, no other lipstick can beat this one, especially in a classic red. The stain lasts all night, through dinner and drinks, and doesn't come off on anyone else's cheeks or lips. 

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier (Ipsy December 2012). For when I feel fancy. I tried using this over the winter to a formal event, but I was just too darn pale for it to look good. Maybe now that I'm 0.005 shades darker, it will look better. 

Mirabella Perfecting Powder (Ipsy May 2013). See my other list linked above for a proclamation of my love for this product. It will not leave my sight until it is used up. I will then hold a funeral for it. 

Ada Cosmetics Bronzer in Peach (Birchbox July 2012). For some contouring if I feel like it, and in place of a blush if I want to get crazy with the beachy look. This isn't too dark for my skin tone, which is amazing. 

theBalm Hot Mama Shadow/Blush (Birchbox December 2012). One of my favorite blushes of all time! I was told it made me all glowy, and who doesn't want that? This barely missed out on being on my top 5 Birchbox list. It is awesome and super-flattering. 

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Quads (Ipsy October 2012, February 2013) Boy am I bringing <em>all</em> of my entire top 5 Ipsy products? I think so... 

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Matt Batali (Ipsy November 2012). It seems like theBalm is only selling the nude matte palette now, not the original one. Oh well, I still like this shadow, especially in a smokey eye. 

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint (Birchbox September 2012). I don't plan on wearing foundation, just this. I'm bringing the Bare Minerals for night if we go out, but this will be just fine for the day. I really like this product but not as much as I like my Dr. Jart BB. Maybe if I feel the need to buy an every-day matte product I will get this one. For vacation, it will be great. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil (Ipsy December 2012) Yup. I've got my whole top 5. I also have almost every color ever made of this pencil and there is not a better eyeliner that I have been able to find. It's not up for discussion. These are the best, and they come in the best colors. 

Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil (Allure Sample Society July 2012). For under my lipsticks, or by itself with some chapstick or gloss over it. This is a really nice pencil, and it is great to have two slightly different shades in one. Travel is all about multi-use products, right? Streamline your packing!

Look at those packing skills!

Not all of this fit in the July Ipsy bag... Everything in the first picture was left out. So, I put it all into the January bag instead. That is the biggest one they have sent out, and all of my brushes fit (diagonally). I can't wait!

This post contains items that were received in Sample Society, Birchbox and Ipsy, both of which are purchased with my own funds.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Influenster Lifeway Kefir Program

Influenster Lifeway Kefir Program 


This is the second invitation I've gotten from Influenster! I received a VoxBox a few months ago. This time it is a stand-alone product. I'm excited! I actually really like kefir, but don't buy it often because it is a little pricey. Keep an eye out for my review. 

From the Lifeway website:
What is kefir? Kefir is a cultured probiotic beverage similar in taste and texture to drinkable yogurt, and made from milk fermented with kefir cultures. Originating over 2000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains-where many people live well over 100 years-kefir has been associated with a long list of health benefits.

What is Influenster? 

This is a program that lets you share your reviews and opinions on products with the companies that provide them, as well as others. Learn more at their website. I have some invitations left if you would like to join!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beautyfix is now Blush Mystery Beauty Box

I got this e-mail today.  I don't subscribe to Beautyfix, but I'm on their mailing list.

Not a bad deal!
Are you going to sign up?

Spoilers July Glossybox and August Popsugar

Here are some current spoilers:

August Popsugar Must Have: Gorjana and Griffin Open Circle Necklace

July Glossybox: Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque

July Glossybox: Figs and Rouge Lip Balm
Use code BABOR when you sign up for Glossybox through July 19 and you will receive a Babor Eye Liner with your first box!

Golden Tote June 2013 Review

Golden Tote June 2013
Every month there are two tote options. With the $49 tote, you pick 1 item and receive 1-2 more surprise items. With the $149 option, you pick 2 items and receive 3-5 more. All the items I have ever been sent have all fit perfectly and have been really well made. My coworkers often comment on how well- made things look when I wear tote items. This month I picked a black and white striped slim mini dress and in addition to the branded tote bag (thinner material than in the past), I got a scarf/wrap/sarong thing and a shirt.

June's $49 Golden Tote....check out the handwritten note!

The shirt is a high-low rayon blouse with crochet-esque detailing. It is light and breezy, perfect for the dog days of summer and exactly what I would gravitate toward in a store.

As always, a perfect fit!

The big piece of fabric is blue and green leopard on a tan background, with big coral hearts over everything. It is light enough to tie as a scarf, but wide and long enough to use as a lightweight wrap or beach sarong. I have quite a few things like this and get a lot of use out of them in the summer. This can go from the sunny beach to a cool evening out in no time!

I can do fancy things with scarves!

The dress is fully lined and quite slim, but has a bit of a stretch to it. I'm going for a weekend on the Cape in a couple days, this will be excellent for a nice dinner out!

don't mind the nap hair...

hate to see you go...

As always, I'm impressed with the quality and value of Golden Tote. I just wish they shipped everything out faster! The hand-written note on the packing slip was a nice touch, I definitely appreciate the work that they put into making sure you like your tote! 

Least 5 Favorite Ipsy Items

My 5 Least Favorite Ipsy/My Glam Samples

Photo from Ipsy
Photo from Ipsy

#5: Yaby Eyeshadow Refills (May 2013)
I received teal (left) and sand dune (right) and they are awful. Seriously, these are bad eyeshadows. They look like they are pigmented, but then it falls all over your face and you end up with nothing. Sand dune is a mustardy yellow that is the exact color of an almost-faded bruise. This means it accentuates my slight under-eye circles. Gross. The teal is an ok color, I have used it as an eyeliner in a pinch, but it takes forever to wash out of my brushes. I just don't like these.

Photo from Ipsy

#4: Starlet Intense Eyeliner in Chocolate (November 2012)
Granted, this goes on a lot more easily when it is 90 degrees outside instead of 30, but I still don't like it. This liner pulls at my lids and, despite the name, is not very intense. I'll stick to my UD 24/7 liners. They have much more color payoff and stay put all day. This disappears as soon as I apply eyeshadow over it.

Photo from Ipsy
Lip Bomb.  Gross.  Sorry guys, but you need to feel my pain!

#3: Mirenesse Lip Bomb (October 2012)
This is a bomb, for sure. It is super thick and it is way too easy to apply too much. I received a very light, chalky pink color that looks just like I smeared Pepto Bismol all over my lips. It settles into every line, real or not, and doesn't have the promised minty taste. I don't think it plumps as advertised, and I hate it so much that I haven't tested its longevity claims. The only way this is wearable is if I wipe 99% of the product off of my lips. Even then, it is not the right shade for me.

Photo from Ipsy

Glitter disease!

#2: J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette (June 2013)
I'm 26 and have absolutely no place that it would be appropriate for me to wear sparkles on my skin. I would have worn this to homecoming when I was 14. I might be able to wear it on halloween. That's about it! It's tough to apply and gets everywhere, not to mention that the glitter is not technically eye-safe. It's not eye-unsafe, but still. This is a dud.

Photo from Ipsy

#1: Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist (March 2013)
When Juice Beauty has a bad-smelling product, they REALLY have a bad-smelling product. I was on an IV antibiotic called cefepime a few times and it smelled just like cat pee. This has that same terrible smell. Why I would spray cat pee (or something that smells like cat pee) on my face is beyond me. This isn't South Park, and cheesing isn't cool. Gross. I would feel bad giving this away, so it is sitting in my closet until the next time I have a head cold and can dump it down the drain without gagging.

Still want to try Ipsy? It is $10 a month and my referral link is here.

This posts contains products that I purchased through Ipsy.  All opinions are my own.  This post also contains a referral link.  If two people sign up for Ipsy using my link, I get a bonus item.

Popsugar Must Have July 2013 Review

Popsugar Must Have July 2013 Review

Why, yes, Popsugar, I will enjoy!

I wasn't thrilled with the spoilers I had seen, but now that the box is here, I'm happy with it. I wasn't happy that it was NOT sealed and could have fallen open at any time on the journey here, but whatever. Everything is accounted for. The contents:

Mighty Leaf Iced Tea in Calypso Mango flavor.
4 tea bags, each makes 1/2 gallon. YUM. Mighty Leaf makes some delicious teas (green tea tropical is delightful) and I can't wait to take up a nice big pitcher of this. I'm glad I got the mango flavor instead of the peach. I like peach iced tea, but I can get that at any time. Mango is a little more interesting.

ncLA polish in "As If!"
As if is a pretty pastel purple. This is one of my favorite year-round nail colors, and I have never tried an ncLA polish. I am seriously impressed. The brush is perfect for thin, even layers of color with minimal effort, and the formula goes on smoothly and dries fast.

2 coats.

Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookie Chips by Hannamax Baking
I'll give these to my boyfriend, as I don't like sweets and he is a fiend for them.

Supergoop! Sunscreen
Sunscreen makes me happy. I'm super pale and I like to keep it that way. I don't tan and I don't like to burn, so I wear sunscreen every day at least on my face. This has won a bunch of awards, but I'll be able to see for myself if it is as awesome as everyone says. It does have cyclomethicone in it, so if you are avoiding silicones on your face, just a heads up. I don't care either way, I don't break out easily.

King Cube Tray by Tovolo.
My dad has a few ice cube trays by this company, including the King Cubes.  He is a man who is serious about his ice cubes and if this is good enough to keep my dad's drinks cold without getting too watery, then it is good enough for me! These will be awesome in my iced tea. Pro tip: for clearer ice cubes, use boiled (but not distilled) water. It has less dissolved air, which is why ice cubes can be cloudy.

Rose Double Curb Chain necklace by Baublebar
This came with a 20% off code. I like it more than I expected to. It is absolutely not something I would pick for myself, but it looks nice with what I happened to wear to work today:

I look better without a face, trust me.
Popsugar Must Have costs $35 per month, but you get a better deal if you buy a multi-month subscription.  The August box is currently sold out; if you sign up now, September will be your first box.  If you would like to sign up, here is my referral link.

This post contains items that I purchased through Popsugar.  All opinions are my own.  This post also contains a referral link.  If 2 people sign up using my link, I receive a free box.

Least 5 Favorite Birchbox Items

My 5 Least Favorite Birchbox Products
Besides almost every fragrance sample ever sent to me, these are my five least favorite items received through Birchbox.

Photo from Birchbox

#5. Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls  (May 2013)
This just did not work for my hair.  I have curly hair, yes, but I like my ringlets to be soft and touchable.  If that means a little frizz, fine.  This smelled like a laundromat and made my hair crunchy and my curls did not stay together, if you know what I'm trying to describe.  It made everything look very strand-y and 90's.  If I wanted to look like I had 90's hair, I'd spend $2.50 on some LA Looks. Not my HG curl product.

Photo from Birchbox

#4 Dropps Laundry Detergent Concentrated Pack (April 2012)
Um, bad choice of "Lifestyle Extra," BB.  Luckily, I'm not sensitive to scents in my detergents.  This smelled fine, and did its job well, but I don't subscribe to a beauty box in hopes of getting my clothes cleaner.  What's next? Tide dishwasher pods? I don't even have a dishwasher! I'm glad I at least have a washer/dryer!  Had this come in a different type of sub box, I wouldn't have had a problem with it.  It just looks out of place next to nail polish and perfume vials.

Photo from Birchbox

#3 LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover Pad (September 2012)
I like nail polish.  I'm also a chemist and I have an affinity for acetone.  I practically shower in the stuff at work, so I don't have a problem with using it to remove my polish.  I just make sure to keep my hands, cuticles, and nails hydrated.  This nail polish remover pad smelled great, and I do like the convenience of the individual packets for traveling- I buy the all acetone Rite Aid brand.  However, aside from the convenience factor, these sucked.  They left behind a very oily residue and did not even remove all of my polish.  I had to go back over everything with a cotton ball and acetone.  Waste of time.

Photo from Birchbox

#2 S.W. Basics Beeswax Lip Balm in Cocoa (October 2012)
Had BB sent me a different flavor, like cinnamon (mmm), I would have been over the moon with this sample.  However, this is representative of a larger theme within my BB products- terrible scents/colors.  This is the most offensive example.  I just don't like the smell of raw cocoa butter- to me it smells like a hamster cage that needs to be cleaned.  It's disgusting.  This lip balm is amazing and in terms of texture and hydration and staying-power, it's one of the best I have tried.  I just can only use it when I have a stuffy nose, and hope that other people aren't offended that I smell like a pet store.

Photo from Birchbox

#1 Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream (April 2013)
Juice Beauty is a great brand and I love the moisturizer I received in the June Popsugar Must Have box.  That one smells like lemonade and has a handy pump to keep the rest of the product sanitary.  Fantastic.  So, I know that this brand can make a good face product, and I just don't know what happened with this CC cream. It has no coverage, is very thick, but at the same time, almost airy, like a mousse.  It's a confusing texture.  It also smells like butt.  Their products are made with organic ingredients and are mostly plant-based (juices and oils).  I really like that about this company.  Too bad I really hate this CC cream.  If it had good coverage, it would be one thing.  If the scent faded quickly, it would be another.  Neither is true.  I gave away the two additional samples of this that came with the moisturizer in the June PSMH.

If I somehow have convinced you to sign up for BB, it is $10/month and this is my referral link.

This post contains items that I purchased through Birchbox.  All opinions are my own. This post also contains a referral link.  For each person who signs up for BB using my link, I receive 50 BB points.

Ipsy Top 5

My top five favorite items received from Ipsy

Photo from Ipsy

#5 Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette (February 2013, October 2012)
The colors chosen work perfectly for my every-day look (Set 4, different colors than shown).  Magenta hasn't gotten much use, but the sparkly Gunmetal is great as an eyeliner, Light Pink as a highlighter, and Elven Silver as a lid color.  They apply nicely with no fallout.  I've received two sets with different colors and the quality is great on all of shadows.

Photo from Ipsy

#4 Chella's Ivory Lace Highligher Pencil (June 2013)
I usually use Benefit's High Brow as a highlighter, but if I don't want all the shimmer, this is a really nice option. Sometimes in the middle of summer, you just don't want any more shine on your face! It is nice and creamy, but doesn't go on too thickly and blends well without any issues. This is a good enough match to my skin that I can use it as a concealer if I have a dark circle or two.

Photo from Ipsy

#3: Soho's Smudge Brush (September 2012)
This is something that I use every day. It is perfect for applying just the right amount of shadow; not too much, and not too little. If I want a darker, more vibrant application, I use a different brush. Same thing if I want a pale wash of color. However, for everyday use, where I just sweep a shade of tan or beige or cream across my lid, this is excellent. It is soft and the bristles don't fall out all over my face (I'm looking at you, Bare Minerals!). My only complaint is that it is too big to fit in my travel makeup bag. Such a hard life I lead...

Photo from Ipsy

#2: Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (December 2012)
I'm a junkie. I have so many of these pencils in a rainbow of colors. Do I have five backups of "Zero", the color that Ipsy sent? Yes. Do I care? No. These are the best eyeliners I've ever used and they are worth every penny. You can smudge them right after application and then they stay the F in place! If I could only use one beauty product a day, this would be my choice. They eyes are the window to the soul, dress them up!

Photo from Ipsy

#1 Mirabella Perfecting Powder (May 2013)
I've used finishing powders in the past, but nothing has come close to being as awesome as this perfecting powder. It keeps my skin looking fresh and glowy all day. This stuff lasted through a two hour softball practice in 90 degree heat! My hair was frizzed out of control, but my face was fresh as a daisy. For being essentially highly reflective sand, this product is great. If it makes my skin look good and doesn't cause weird reactions to my face, I'm happy. Good job, Ipsy.

Want to subscribe to Ipsy?  It is $10 per month and my referral link is here.

This post contains products I purchased through Ipsy.  All opinions are my own.  This post also contains a referral link to my Ipsy account.  If two people sign up using my link I get a bonus item.

Birchbox Top 5

These are my top five favorite items received from Birchbox:

Photo from Birchbox

#5: Color Club's Wanderlust collection (June 2013)
'Reign in Spain' is THE PERFECT CORAL COLOR. I have been searching and searching for this color nailpolish. Julep's Alicia comes close, but isn't quite as bright as this. The other colors are fab, too, but Reign in Spain is my holy grail coral nailpolish. Seriously. I have 10 or so other corals that just aren't quite right. I bought the whole collection and was given an extra RiS by a friend. That makes 3 bottles, and you can bet I will use them all until the last drop.

Photo from Birchbox

#4 Harvey Prince's Ageless (March 2012- my first box!)
Until I got this sample, I didn't wear perfume every day. The closest I got was Demeter's pomegranate cologne spray. I liked that even though it was a single note, it was stil complex. Ageless has become my new favorite: it is clean and fresh and the grapefruit makes a unique statement. I try out new perfume samples when I get them, but none of them have come close to capturing how I feel about myself in a fragrance. Ageless does exactly that.

Photo from Birchbox

#3: Beauty Protector's Protect and Detangle (April 2013)
This spray smells like vanilla and harp music. It does it all: detangle, condition, protect from heat and UV, and make my hair smell good enough to eat for over 24 hours at a time. This stuff is amazing. It is expensive, so I have been only using it before straightening my hair and not every day when I wear it curly. If I had a million dollars, I would fill a swimming pool with this and just soak in it all day, every day.

Photo from Birchbox

#2: Orofluido Elixar (March 2012- another from my first month!)
Hecho en España, esto producto es maravilloso. Huele de miel y vanilla, orofluido suaviza el cabello antes y después de estiliza con calor. ¡Es tan bueno que tengo que escribir en español para describirlo! But seriously, I need to use my B.A. in Spanish for something... A little of this goes a long way, and complements the scent of the beauty protector spray perfectly.  I've given some of my friends little bottles of this to try to convert them; it's that good.

#1 Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB cream (May 2012)
I have nice skin. I'm not a freak of nature, I've just been on constant antibiotics since I was young- this means no acne and no acne scars. I have freckles, yes, but that's it. I don't need a heavy foundation for every day, and I like the convenience of a tinted moisturizer, but they don't often cover quite enough. Dr. Jart's BB cream blends into my skin perfectly, provides just the right amount of coverage, and maybe it's my imagination, but my skin tone has become much more even over the last year of using this. It provides an extra layer of sunscreen (I still use some as a base layer), and a little goes a long way. I bought a variety pack of their other BB creams and love them all. If I need extra coverage, I use a little Bare Minerals powder over the BB cream and I'm on my way. No concealer necessary. I'm sure this wouldn't work for everyone, especially those who aren't as fair-skinned as I am, or those who need something to control oil, but this is my favorite. It is amazing and I regret nothing!

Birchbox costs $10/month and this is my referral link

This posts contains products that I purchased through Birchbox.  All opinions are my own.  This post also contains a referral link.  For every person who signs up for BB using my link, I get 50 BB points.