Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Julep Summertime Mystery Box July 2013

 My Julep Summertime Mystery Box came today! I ordered the big box, with both day and night colors, plus the two new glitters. I received box number 3.

Summertime Big Box Mystery Box July 2013

A closer look

The box contents, with their descriptions given by Julep:

Two new glitters released special for this mystery box
Kyla, a coral orange glitter $11.20 maven pricing
Monica, a multidimensional pink glitter $11.20

Day shades
Bess, a baby blue creme, $11.20
Charlie, a bright yellow creme (may mystery box color- no site description), $11.20
Nina, an electric neon orangesicle creme, $7.99 (on sale)

The day and glitter polishes all have swatching stickers on top; ellie and lucy do not. Fortunately, there were not any duplicate polishes for me in this box! I really like all of the colors, too.

Days and Glitters, all 2 coats.

 On my thumb is Bess.  This is a really nice baby blue and I don't have anything like it in my extensive polish collection.  Two coats is perfect My pinky has Monica, two coats is almost enough to completely cover my nail line.  I love that this is like a jelly sandwich in a bottle! Is it just me or do these tinted glitter polishes (Monica, Kyla, Portia are the only ones I have) smell differently than Julep's other polishes?   Sweeter?  I'm not an organic chemist, I can't identify solvents by their smell but that might be it. Oh well. Kyla is on my ring finger and it is a little more densely glittered than Monica.  This will be a really pretty pedicure color. My middle finger is adorned with Charlie- this was probably the best surprise of the box for me.  I have never been able to successfully wear a yellow polish, but this one is a nice bright color and perfectly covers in two coats.  This also does not make me look jaundiced and that makes me happy.  I can't wait to wear this as a full mani! Two coats was not quite enough for Nina to cover my first finger.  It dries to a semi-matte finish and I think this would be awesome under Kyla.  Not my favorite, but not terrible.  It has potential! Maybe over white to make it really pop. In the bottle it is a nice cantaloupe color, I want that on my nails, too!

Night shades
Ellie, an opalescent seashell pink with holographic shimmer (part of the flower girl fun duo), $8 (set is on sale for $16)
Lucy, a modern, dark burgundy creme, $11.20

Nights, 2 coats each.

My thumb in this picture has two coats of Ellie and I'm not convinced that anything less than 10 coats would achieve full coverage. It's a pretty color if you want a very subtle polish on your fingers, and would probably be a nice top coat to spice up something you are bored with. Another surprise of this box was Lucy. I love this! I will save it for fall and winter when dark, vampy colors are more appropriate, but this is fantastic. It looks like a deep purple in the bottle, but applies more on the red side. I'm willing to bet this will stain something fierce, it sat on my nail for 15 minutes and was hard to take off even then! Gorgeous color, though.

Double duty makeup brush, $22.40
Toe separaters, $1?
Sample of glycolic hand scrub, $0.41 [

You can put the brush together so it is double-ended, or so that the concealer brush hides inside the foundation handle.

The brushes are very nice and soft, it will be great for traveling since the concealer brush nests with the foundation brush. Total value (maven pricing) $95.80 This is much less than the advertised value of $125. I only paid $40, yes, but if they are selling these to mavens, they should go by their maven pricing. If I use the full prices for everything, assuming I could buy Ellie by itself at $14, the total is $127.41. That is just barely over the low value, and that is being nice about the $1 for the toe separaters. I'm a little disappointed with the value, but not with the quality of the products received. Julep has been putting out a mystery box just about every month.

If you would like to become a maven, you can use my referral link and use code FREEBOX to get your frist monthly maven box for free!

This posts contains products that I purchased myself through Julep.  All opinions are my own.  This post contains a referral link- I will get Maven points for everyone who uses my link to subscribe.

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