Friday, September 20, 2013

Golden Tote Review September 2013

Yay! Golden Tote!  This is the September tote that I ordered the first day that sales were open.  This is the $149 tote, where I selected two items and they surprised me with the rest.  There is also a $49 tote, where you pick 1 item and they surprise you with 2-3 more.  This is something you have to purchase each month, it doesn't autorenew.  You can save a style profile so they know your preferences.  Most of my favorite articles of clothing are things I got through Golden Tote.

Golden Tote September 2013
New bags!
GT sent out a different tote style this month, and I love it! It's coming to Las Vegas with me this weekend.

I received a bonus item: Sofala Thin Bangle $16.  Hand-made from recycled materials in South Africa.  It's not my cup of tea, but it supports a great cause.  It's WAY TOO BIG.  I had to slide it almost all the way up my arm to get it to stay.

This was the first item I picked.
French Terry Moto Jacket from [(?) sorry, I've already left for vacation], $62 on sale from Golden Tote's Boutique

Moto Jacket- Golden Tote September 2013

I love it, super comfy!  This will be great this fall and it will go with everything.

This is the second item I picked:
Boho Luxe Dress from Collective Concepts, listed for $88 original price, according to Golden Tote's selection page for September

Boho Luxe Dress- Golden Tote September 2013

Pol Sweater, approximate retail value $20? It's always so hard to find these things online.

POL Cardigan- Golden Tote September 2013
This is dark gray with light gray stripes; just my style! It's not as soft as I would have hoped, but maybe after a wash or two it will be nice and cozy.

Puella dress, retail estimate $65?

Puella Dress- Golden Tote September 2013

This is a dark gray drop-waist with some interesting details around the neck (the fabric is folded, kinda) and the bottom is pretty full, which makes it fall nicely.  Makes my butt look great! Check that out.  This is also SO SOFT.  I can't even tell you how comfy this dress is.

Flying Tomato Sweater, approximate retail $45?

Flying Tomato Sweater- Golden Tote September 2013

Against my better judgment, I like this sweater a lot! I wouldn't have picked it out on my own, but it is nice and soft and you can tell it's well-made.  It will definitely be one of my winter staples.

Sweet Claire shirt- retail about $15?
Sweet Claire shirt- Golden Tote September 2013
This is good.  I like the pocket and that it's cozy, and it is definitely my style.  It's boring, but I wear boring clothes a lot, so it's a good fit.  It's a little bigger than I would have liked, but I am guessing it's just the style.

As always, I feel that this was well worth the $149 price tag.  I love everything, there wasn't a dud in the bunch.

Unfortunately, my budget won't allow me to get Golden Totes for a while, but this is a nice way to end my run :)

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Popsugar Must Have September 2013 Review

Even though I see the spoilers every month, I'm still excited to get my Popsugar Must Have box in my hands!  This month was interesting.  It also didn't have an info card in it :(  I like knowing about my products, plus, it is a handy list for writing out these reviews.

The box

The box contains:

P.S.- You're Invited by Erica Domesek.  Price on back $26.  Amazon price $15.60 (cheaper for the Kindle version).

P.S.- you're invited

This book is cute.  It has projects for novice crafters, as well as some more difficult and involved projects for those who are already into it.  It's full of pictures and cute ideas.  I probably won't keep it.

Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Coaster Set (8 in set), $16

Rifle Paper Co. Coasters

I wouldn't pay $16 for these, that's for sure! But, they are cute.  Again, I'm not keeping these.  I'm thinking they would make a nice housewarming gift.

Barr Co. Diffuser, $45

Barr Co. 

The diffuser

This smells very nice, and was packaged well.  The whole box was wrapped in bubble wrap, too!  The milk/oatmeal/vanilla/grass scent is nice, and this is a very expensive product, so I'm not going to keep this either.  Noticing a trend?  These are all super-giftable items, which is what I plan on doing!

Kitsch Headbands (5 plain colors),  $11.99

Kitsch Headbands

I don't wear this kind of headband.  I don't wear any kind of headband, actually.  I will probably untie the ends and cut them smaller to make hair ties out of them.  I can easily get 2, maybe 3, from each headband.  So, not a total waste.

That's it bar- mango and apple, $1.66 (box of 12 for $19.99).

That's it!

Looks interesting.  They aren't kidding- the only ingredients listed are apple and mango.  I'll have this for breakfast in the morning.

Sharkies Organic Energy Sports Chews- Watermelon Scream, $1.48 (box of 12 for $17.80)


These are mostly sugar disguised as various other things like rice syrup.  There is also salt, which must be the "natural source of electrolytes" splashed across the front.  So, salty watermelon fruit snacks.  I approve.  That actually sounds good!  I'll eat these.  I'll have to try them out next week before my marathon teaching day.

Shoptiques Gift Card, $25.  NICE.  Can be used on shipping, I think, since it is a gift card and not a promo code.


I'll use this, too.

Total value $116.73

The items in this box were nice, but nothing that I want to keep for myself. Most of the stuff would make a great gift, so that's what I'll do.

Popsugar Must Have is $35 per month, but there are discounts if you buy 3, 6, or 12 months up front. October's box is sold out, but you can reserve November's here. I will get a free month if two people sign up using my link.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Week in Nails, September 15

Pink Marble

I did a layer of OPI Do You Think I'm Texy, sponged on a little bit of Essie Bordeaux and Color Club Mod in Manhattan, and then another layer of OPI.  I repeated the sponging and the OPI.  Seche on top.
I wore this for 2 days.

Ruffian Manicure

I got Ruffian's Delirium in my September Birchbox and had to use it immediately! I did a free-hand Ruffian manicure over 2 coats of a no-name silver polish.  No Base, no top.  I did a second coat of Delirium after I took this picture.

I wore this for 2 days.

Duochrome is hidden from this picture
This is Catrice Genius in the Bottle, a gold to greenish-blue duochrome I picked up in Germany last summer.  This is 2 coats, no base or top, and it's still going strong 3 days later.  I'm going to change it tonight just because I'm bored.

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