Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Least 5 Favorite Ipsy Items

My 5 Least Favorite Ipsy/My Glam Samples

Photo from Ipsy
Photo from Ipsy

#5: Yaby Eyeshadow Refills (May 2013)
I received teal (left) and sand dune (right) and they are awful. Seriously, these are bad eyeshadows. They look like they are pigmented, but then it falls all over your face and you end up with nothing. Sand dune is a mustardy yellow that is the exact color of an almost-faded bruise. This means it accentuates my slight under-eye circles. Gross. The teal is an ok color, I have used it as an eyeliner in a pinch, but it takes forever to wash out of my brushes. I just don't like these.

Photo from Ipsy

#4: Starlet Intense Eyeliner in Chocolate (November 2012)
Granted, this goes on a lot more easily when it is 90 degrees outside instead of 30, but I still don't like it. This liner pulls at my lids and, despite the name, is not very intense. I'll stick to my UD 24/7 liners. They have much more color payoff and stay put all day. This disappears as soon as I apply eyeshadow over it.

Photo from Ipsy
Lip Bomb.  Gross.  Sorry guys, but you need to feel my pain!

#3: Mirenesse Lip Bomb (October 2012)
This is a bomb, for sure. It is super thick and it is way too easy to apply too much. I received a very light, chalky pink color that looks just like I smeared Pepto Bismol all over my lips. It settles into every line, real or not, and doesn't have the promised minty taste. I don't think it plumps as advertised, and I hate it so much that I haven't tested its longevity claims. The only way this is wearable is if I wipe 99% of the product off of my lips. Even then, it is not the right shade for me.

Photo from Ipsy

Glitter disease!

#2: J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette (June 2013)
I'm 26 and have absolutely no place that it would be appropriate for me to wear sparkles on my skin. I would have worn this to homecoming when I was 14. I might be able to wear it on halloween. That's about it! It's tough to apply and gets everywhere, not to mention that the glitter is not technically eye-safe. It's not eye-unsafe, but still. This is a dud.

Photo from Ipsy

#1: Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist (March 2013)
When Juice Beauty has a bad-smelling product, they REALLY have a bad-smelling product. I was on an IV antibiotic called cefepime a few times and it smelled just like cat pee. This has that same terrible smell. Why I would spray cat pee (or something that smells like cat pee) on my face is beyond me. This isn't South Park, and cheesing isn't cool. Gross. I would feel bad giving this away, so it is sitting in my closet until the next time I have a head cold and can dump it down the drain without gagging.

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