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Least 5 Favorite Birchbox Items

My 5 Least Favorite Birchbox Products
Besides almost every fragrance sample ever sent to me, these are my five least favorite items received through Birchbox.

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#5. Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls  (May 2013)
This just did not work for my hair.  I have curly hair, yes, but I like my ringlets to be soft and touchable.  If that means a little frizz, fine.  This smelled like a laundromat and made my hair crunchy and my curls did not stay together, if you know what I'm trying to describe.  It made everything look very strand-y and 90's.  If I wanted to look like I had 90's hair, I'd spend $2.50 on some LA Looks. Not my HG curl product.

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#4 Dropps Laundry Detergent Concentrated Pack (April 2012)
Um, bad choice of "Lifestyle Extra," BB.  Luckily, I'm not sensitive to scents in my detergents.  This smelled fine, and did its job well, but I don't subscribe to a beauty box in hopes of getting my clothes cleaner.  What's next? Tide dishwasher pods? I don't even have a dishwasher! I'm glad I at least have a washer/dryer!  Had this come in a different type of sub box, I wouldn't have had a problem with it.  It just looks out of place next to nail polish and perfume vials.

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#3 LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover Pad (September 2012)
I like nail polish.  I'm also a chemist and I have an affinity for acetone.  I practically shower in the stuff at work, so I don't have a problem with using it to remove my polish.  I just make sure to keep my hands, cuticles, and nails hydrated.  This nail polish remover pad smelled great, and I do like the convenience of the individual packets for traveling- I buy the all acetone Rite Aid brand.  However, aside from the convenience factor, these sucked.  They left behind a very oily residue and did not even remove all of my polish.  I had to go back over everything with a cotton ball and acetone.  Waste of time.

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#2 S.W. Basics Beeswax Lip Balm in Cocoa (October 2012)
Had BB sent me a different flavor, like cinnamon (mmm), I would have been over the moon with this sample.  However, this is representative of a larger theme within my BB products- terrible scents/colors.  This is the most offensive example.  I just don't like the smell of raw cocoa butter- to me it smells like a hamster cage that needs to be cleaned.  It's disgusting.  This lip balm is amazing and in terms of texture and hydration and staying-power, it's one of the best I have tried.  I just can only use it when I have a stuffy nose, and hope that other people aren't offended that I smell like a pet store.

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#1 Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream (April 2013)
Juice Beauty is a great brand and I love the moisturizer I received in the June Popsugar Must Have box.  That one smells like lemonade and has a handy pump to keep the rest of the product sanitary.  Fantastic.  So, I know that this brand can make a good face product, and I just don't know what happened with this CC cream. It has no coverage, is very thick, but at the same time, almost airy, like a mousse.  It's a confusing texture.  It also smells like butt.  Their products are made with organic ingredients and are mostly plant-based (juices and oils).  I really like that about this company.  Too bad I really hate this CC cream.  If it had good coverage, it would be one thing.  If the scent faded quickly, it would be another.  Neither is true.  I gave away the two additional samples of this that came with the moisturizer in the June PSMH.

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This post contains items that I purchased through Birchbox.  All opinions are my own. This post also contains a referral link.  For each person who signs up for BB using my link, I receive 50 BB points.

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