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Retrospective: Birchbox August 2012

See my first Retrospective for the answers to the quiz that I used.

August 2012: Month 6

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur
Photo from Birchbox

Ho hum, another perfume sample.  I think through BB I have every variation of perfume that Juicy Couture makes.  They all smell the same to me.  Young, light, fresh, and not for me. Too floral.  Meh.  I'll give this another try if I ever pull it out of my jar-of-perfume-samples.

Full size $70 for 2.5 oz.  Sample value (1.5 mL estimate) $1.42.

Miss Jessie's Original Stretch Silkening Creme
Photo from Birchbox
Yes, I have very curly hair.  No, this did not work for me.  I don't like the texture, I don't like the smell, and I don't like the way it made my hair look.  It just wasn't for me.  I tried another Miss Jessie's product recently and liked that one even less!  

Full size $22 for 8 oz.  Sample size was 2 ounces wasted on me for a value of $5.50.

Pixi Beauty Lip & Line in Orchid Rose
Photo from since BB doesn't offer this color

See that color? That color is unwearable by someone as pale as me.  That color is especially unwearable in AUGUST when dark, vampy lips are not in style.  I love the idea, and it went on so nicely, I just wish I had gotten a different color!  Maybe I can work it this winter.  Probably not.

This is full-sized, and valued at $18.  Unfortunately, it is just sitting in my give-away pile unless I get courageous.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor
Photo from Birchbox

Birchbox started something called "Birchbox Finds" where they send you drug-store products and tell you how great they are.  You don't have to tell me how great this razor is, I had been using it already!  Thanks for the spare, though, these things can get expensive (that's what coupons are for!).  Some people were a little miffed at this, but a razor is a razor and I have some legs to shave!

Full-size, value approximately $9.99

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
Photo from Birchbox

The final product was a sample of this cream, which smells heavily of camphor.  It's not everyone's cup of tea, but there is something about a medicinal scent that makes me think the product is working that much harder.  It was a nice sample and I wish I hadn't lost it.  It was good for little patches of dry winter skin.  I tried it on my lips a couple times, but didn't like its texture on my lips, or the camphor smell so close to my nose.

Full size $16 for 1.25 oz.  Sample size was 0.1 oz, value $1.28

Total Value $36.19, but half is a full-size lip product that is totally wrong for me.

Besides the awful hair cream, I was so disappointed in the lipliner/lipstick combo from Pixi.  I had really hoped that I could make the color work, but there is no way that is happening.  Any other color would have been great, but they sent the darkest one they possibly could have.

Birchbox costs $10/month, including shipping and sends you a box of 4-6 samples and sometimes full-sized products.  You can review the products you receive for 10 Birchbox points each.  For every $1 you spend in the BB shop, you also receive 1 BB point.  For every 100 BB points you accumulate, you get $10 to spend in their shop.  If you would like to sign up, my link is here and I will earn 50 BB points at the end of your first month.

This post contains products I purchased with my own money.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.  This post contains a referral link, see above for details.

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