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Retrospective: Birchbox April 2012

Without any subscription boxes coming in, and with me being too lazy to get off my butt and look though my cabinet to pick something to write a review about, I figured I would go through all my past Birchboxes and do a retrospective review of the products.

Here is what my profile looks like (and has always looked like):

My level of beauty knowledge is: Dedicated enthusiast: I love learning and exploring

I can never have too many: Haircare products, makeup products, nail polishes

For me, fragrance samples are: Not my favorite- please send me no more than 6 fragrance samples per year

I'd love to see more of these types of extras in my Birchbox: Organic and natural products, small acessories 

I am signing up for Birchbox because: I want samples, samples, samples!; I'm looking to experiment and change my beauty routine

My beauty style is: Classic- I err on the side of traditional, think Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn; Low-maintenance- I tend to be pretty natural and don't spend much time getting ready

My hair is: Curly, dry, too short for a ponytail

My hair is closest to: Blonde

I do the following to my hair: Color treat, curl with a curling iron, straighten with a flat iron, always let it air dry- why mess with nature?

My ethnicity is: White or caucasian

My skin tone is: Fair

My complexion is best described as: Normal

I am most concerned about: Cellulite, hyper-pigmentation or dark spots, sun protection

My day of birth is: 1987

Birchbox has you fill out this profile, and whether or not they take it into consideration when they send products is another thing all together.

April 2012.  Month 2.

After my amazing first ever Birchbox the month before, I couldn't wait for April's goodies to show up in my mailbox!

Amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask
Photo from Birchbox
This was nice.  I had long hair at the time, but I was still able to get two full uses out of the packet they sent.  It made my hair very soft and smelled really good.  That's all I remember.  I didn't get a full-size, so I must not have been blown away.

Full size 500 mL for $40.  Sample size was 20 mL for a value of $1.60

Dropps Laundry Detergent pack
Photo from Birchbox

This was in my Birchbox least favorite 5.  It was just fine for a convenient washing machine pack, but I was a little weirded out seeing it in a beauty subscription box next to some nail polish and a hair mask.

Full size $6/ 20 drops.  Value of a single drop is $0.30.

Zoya TRUE Spring Collection in Lotus
Photo from Birchbox

This is a nice muted purple with some slight pink shimmer to it.  My favorite way to wear it is with Julep Brooke over it (a sheer purple microglitter) to bring out the shimmer.  Zoya makes a really nice nail polish and has great wear time.

Full size 0.5 oz for $8, sample size 0.25 oz valued at $4.

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
Photo from Birchbox
I actually pulled this out of my perfume sample grab bag and wore it yesterday.  It wasn't terrible, but it did fade faster than some of the other (more expensive) perfume samples I use.  At least once a week I try to spritz myself with a random sample so I don't feel bad that they are sitting in a big jar on my dressing being neglected.  This is just meh.  Not much of anything going on.  It's fruity and flowery.  Nothing musky or woody.  Very appropriate for a teenage girl, if I ever happen to age backward.

Full size $59.50/100 mL.  Assuming the sample is a standard 1.5 mL, it has a value of $0.89.

Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer
Photo from Birchbox
I have a love/hate relationship with Juice Beauty.  Most of their stuff I love, but when I hate something, I really hate it.  This moisturizer was nice, and I remember it smelling really good.  I am lucky enough to have good skin, without any problems, so I am not very picky about my face creams.  I use one every morning and night, but I don't have to shop for particular ingredients, or avoid others.  This was nice.  I'd gladly accept another sample of it.

Full size $28.00/2 fl. oz.  Sample size 0.17 oz for a value of $2.38.

Total Value: $9.17

Again, under the $10 I paid, but the 50 points for reviews more than made up the difference.  3 out of the 5 samples were things that I liked, one was a total miss, and one was a perfume sample.  I just don't really like getting them.

Birchbox costs $10/month, including shipping and sends you a box of 4-6 samples and sometimes full-sized products.  You can review the products you receive for 10 Birchbox points each.  For every $1 you spend in the BB shop, you also receive 1 BB point.  For every 100 BB points you accumulate, you get $10 to spend in their shop.  If you would like to sign up, my link is here and I will earn 50 BB points at the end of your first month.

This post contains products I purchased with my own money.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.  This post contains a referral link, see above for details.

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