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Retrospective: Ipsy February 2013

Ipsy February 2013: Month 6; Red Carpet Ready

Ipsy Bag February 2013
Photo from Ipsy

You can't really tell from the picture, but this month's bag was a black pleather bag with a red lining.  It's ok, but it feels a little cheap.  I think I ended up giving this to my stepsister with some nail polish and various samples inside of it for her birthday.

Coastal Scents Shadow Palette Sample
Photo from Ipsy

First up is another eyeshadow sample quad from Coastal Scents.  I got one of these in October 2012 in different colors, but I don't mind because I actually like them.  One of the colors in this quad was the same as one from October, so that was the one I tried to depot to put a little magnet on the back.  It didn't work so well! The other colors I have left are a matte dark grey, a shimmery gold-toned grey, and a shimmery silver-toned grey.  They are decent quality, especially when considering the price.  I wear these a lot, mostly because the package is tiny and there are (now) 3 colors in it.

Net weight 2g.  Coastal Scents sells individual eyeshadow pans (1.5g) for $1.95, giving the quad a value of $2.60.

Lash Card Sample
Photo from Ipsy

These are little plastic cards that you can put over your eyelids while applying mascara so you don't ruin your makeup.  I haven't used them yet and I haven't ever had the urge to try them.  It seems like such a wasteful item! These are supposed to be for a single use... why would I waste that much plastic when putting on mascara for the day? It, to me, is an unnecessary item.

These retail for $6.99 per pack of 10.  Ipsy sent 4 cards, for a value of $2.80.

MICA Beauty Gel Eyeliner in Black
Photo from Ipsy
I used to wear gel eyeliner a lot, but I have discovered Urban Decay's 24/7 liners and haven't looked back.  I still have a number of MAC Fluidlines left and plan on giving this away.  There are only so many black gel liners you can have open at once, especially when you don't use them anymore.  It seems to have decent reviews, though.

There isn't a size listed on the sample, but comparing it to a 4g Cailyn gel eyeliner and a 3g MAC fluidline, I'm estimating this is 1g.

The full size (which also includes a brush in the cap, like the Cailyn gel eyeliners) is 5g and $35.  1g would be valued at $7.

Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer
Photo from Ipsy

This primer is unlike the other ones I have in that it is not silicone-based.  This can be good if you wear water-based makeup or have skin that is sensitive to silicones.  I'm not sure if it made my skin look any better under my BB Cream, and I don't have noticeable pores, so I can't comment on that either.  It's not bad, though, as far as primers go.  I definitely prefer it to my silicone-based ones...they just feel so slick, and not in a good way.  However, I usually am in a rush to get out the door in the morning and don't bother with primers.  Just lotion and sunscreen under my makeup.

Full size is $29 for 50 mL.  This was a very nice sample size, 15 mL, and has a value of $8.70.

POP Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara
Photo from Ipsy
The final sample was mascara from POP Beauty.  I haven't tried it yet, I have quite the mascara stockpile! I don't like to open them if I don't have to, and this came nicely sealed in plastic so I will keep it like that until needed.  It seems to have mixed reviews, so I'm not going to hurry through my current mascara to get to it.

Full size (7g) at the current conversion rate is $16.36 (from their website, which is sold out) or $18.50 from Ulta for us of those who are stateside. The sample is 4.8 g, for a value of $12.68 using the Ulta price.  I wouldn't buy just a mascara from a site based in the UK.  Shipping would be outrageous!

Total Value $33.78

This seemed to be a smokey-eye themed bag, which I can see for a "red carpet ready" theme.  A red lipstick or fake lashes might have been better in place of the lash cards, though! It was good to try some new products, but the lash cards were a miss for me.  They just seem like such a silly concept.

Ipsy costs $10/month, including shipping, and sends you a box of 4-6 samples and sometimes full-sized products.  If you would like to sign up, my link is here and I will earn a free item if 2 people sign up with my link.

This post contains products I purchased with my own money.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.  This post contains a referral link, see above for details.

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