Friday, August 16, 2013

Retrospective: Birchbox April 2013

See my first Retrospective for the answers to the quiz that I used.

April 2013: Month 14

Beauty Protector, Protect and Detangle
Photo from Birchbox

I've written about this before.  It's awesome and smells fantastic.  End of story.

$21.95 for 8 fl.oz. Sample was 1 ounce (?), worth $2.74

Caudalie S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue
Photo from Birchbox
I don't really know if this did anything for me, as I only have slight dark circles and minimal puffiness in the mornings, but I used this up.  Meh.  I'm only 26, I don't really need an eye cream (yet).

$34 for 15 mL.  Sample was 1.5 mL, worth $3.40 (yay, easy math).

Juice Beauty CC Cream
Photo from Birchbox

$39 for 50 mL  Yuck.  Sample was 5 mL, worth $3.90 and not worth my time.

Yes to Cucumbers Face Towelettes
Photo from Birchbox

I didn't get these in my box, so BB credited me points instead.  I'll take it. (I don't think anyone got these in their boxes, actually).

Yes to Grapefruit Correct and Repair Daily Facial Scrub
Photo from Birchbox

This came in a weird pod non-foil cardboard sample thing.  It also had a sample of the dark spot correcting serum with it.  They smelled good, I really like grapefruit scents (I dislike the fruit though), and it was an adequate face scrub.  I don't remember many scrubby things in it, though, but my memory could be fuzzy.

$9.99 for 4 oz. I don't even think there was enough of either of these to be worth more than $0.50 total, combined.

Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in Citrus
Photo from Birchbox

This is a very smooth lip butter! It lives up to its name and applies like any high quality balm should.  I was really impressed and it is at work so I always have something to put on my lips.  I would have preferred a different scent, but the citrus one I got is fine.

4 tubes retails for $9.99.  Value of one tube $2.50

Total Value $13.04

This is a pretty low value box, but there were some really nice products in it.  They also sent a card for a free year of Women's Health magazine ($9.99 value), which I have been enjoying.  That would bump the value up to $23.03, and there should have been face wipes also included.  The beauty protector made this box totally worth it! I used my BB points to buy the full size and am so glad I did.  It's amazing and the scent lasts until the next time I wash my hair!

Birchbox costs $10/month, including shipping and sends you a box of 4-6 samples and sometimes full-sized products.  You can review the products you receive for 10 Birchbox points each.  For every $1 you spend in the BB shop, you also receive 1 BB point.  For every 100 BB points you accumulate, you get $10 to spend in their shop.  If you would like to sign up, my link is here and I will earn 50 BB points at the end of your first month.

This post contains products I purchased with my own money.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.  This post contains a referral link, see above for details.

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