Thursday, August 15, 2013

Retrospective: Birchbox March 2013

See my first Retrospective for the answers to the quiz that I used.

March 2013: Month 13

Madewell for Birchbox Nail File
Photo from Birchbox

It's a nail file.  I can always use another one, but this one isn't as rough as the ones from Julep so it doesn't get my nails short enough fast enough.  I hate to cut them, so I try to just file them down and into shape, but using this file takes forever.

BB values this at $5.

MAKE Face Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30
Photo form Birchbox

This is a better sunscreen than primer.  It really doesn't do much to even my skin tone, it just provides SPF.  I use sunscreen anyway, but it would be nicer if this diffused more light, as it claims to do.

Full size $30 for 1 oz.  Sample size was 0.18 oz, giving it a value of $5.40

MAKE Satin Finish Eyeshadow in Great Lakes
Photo from Birchbox

I got a nice little silvery grey eyeshadow in its own cute little case.  I have used it once?  Maybe? I stick to neutrals on a daily basis, and this has been in my makeup bag, but it tends to hide in a corner and I haven't used it much.  I should change that.  It does go on nicely and has decent pigmentation.

Full size $18 for 0.10 oz.  The sample size was 0.03 oz, with a value of $5.40

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Color-Saver Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Photo from Birchbox

This is great shampoo! I really like the smell and the texture and how it cleans, plus it is sulfate free! This is my go-to travel shampoo and I'll be really sad when I run out.

Full size $22 for 8 fl. oz.  The sample size was 2 fl. oz. (great size!) for a value of $5.50.

Whish Shave Cream in Blueberry
Photo from Birchbox

This is a pretty nice shaving cream.  It doesn't lather, which might take some people a use or two to get used to, but it is decent.  I don't mind the blueberry scent, which is funny considering I hate all things blueberry.  It must not smell very true to life! This is something else that is in my travel bag.  Very convenient!

Full size $20 for 150 mL.  The sample is worth $2.93 and has a volume of 22 mL.

Total Value $24.23

I like that there was a variety of products this month.  Hair, shaving cream, makeup, skin care, and nails.  Everything was covered! I wish there were more boxes like this from BB.

Birchbox costs $10/month, including shipping and sends you a box of 4-6 samples and sometimes full-sized products.  You can review the products you receive for 10 Birchbox points each.  For every $1 you spend in the BB shop, you also receive 1 BB point.  For every 100 BB points you accumulate, you get $10 to spend in their shop.  If you would like to sign up, my link is here and I will earn 50 BB points at the end of your first month.

This post contains products I purchased with my own money.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.  This post contains a referral link, see above for details.

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