Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stunner of the Month August 2013 Review

My Stunner of the Month came today.  This service sends you a new pair of sunglasses every month for $9 including shipping.  I love the first pair I received from them, so I was excited to see what this month would bring! I signed up for the "female" option, but there are also "male" and "unisex" choices, too.  You can suspend your account at any time and skip a month, and you can change your preferences every month as well.  They also allow you to rate the pairs you receive.

The box they ship in

Info card and branded microfiber case
SotM includes a little info card with each pair with a weird blurb about the inspiration (?) for the glasses, along with which collection they belong to.  I do like that they have sent a microfiber case with every pair! My first case was plain yellow, this one has their name and logo.

The Geisha's (do they belong to her? IDK. But this is how they spelled it.)

This pair is black with neon green ear pieces and accents across the top.  They feel really flimsy and cheap and probably cost $0.25 to manufacture.  TOTALLY NOT WORTH $9.

Glasses on my not amused face

I think I'm just going to cancel my account. I got the first pair free by using the code "trystunner" all in lowercase, so I figured I would give it another month.  My first pair seemed to be sturdier and better quality than these.  I'm pretty disappointed.  Plus, these don't exactly scream "women's sunglasses," maybe unisex, but not strictly for women. Lame.

You can get your own pair of sunglasses here.  

This post contains items that I purchased with my own funds.  Nothing was received for making this post and all opinions are my own.  I get nothing if you click the link to their website.

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