Saturday, February 1, 2014

Julep Maven, Boho Glam February 2014

Julep Maven, Boho Glam February 2014

This month is the last one from the 6-month subscription my sister gave me for my birthday!  I'm sad!  If I want my Julep fix, I'm going to have to pay for it now.

Julep Boho Glam, February 2014
This month, Julep featured liquid eyeshadows called 'Eye Sheens' and everyone got a bonus polish from Julep's founder, Jane.  This month's Dramatic Collection also featured "stardust" polishes (textured with glitter, much like OPI liquid sand or Zoya Pixie Dust) and polishes named by Jay-Z's ROCNATION.

I wanted a Stardust polish, so I opted for the Boho Glam profile.  I love that Julep allows you to choose the style you want that month!  They have an all-beauty box now, as well as a "basics" box, in addition to the 4 polish-based styles.

This month, we were allowed to choose what color Eye Sheen arrived in our boxes!  Great job, Julep!  They listened to their subscribers when the lip glosses came out.  At that time, each color gloss was assigned to a particular style, you could not pick.  I like being able to choose.

Pale Nude Shimmer Eye Sheen
I chose the pale nude shimmer and it is very subtle and gold.  Definitely shiny.  Definitely stays put!  My hand swatch stayed on for 12 hours.

Pale Nude
From the original pictures, I wasn't expecting something so liquidy.  But, Julep did say these were liquid eyeshadows, so I'm not disappointed.  They go on easily and a little goes a long way.  Good thing, because the pot is SO SMALL.  The diameter is that of a quarter.  The box looked huge, but it was totally an illusion.

Pale Nude Shimmer
See? Subtle.  I might try using this as an eyeshadow base.

Top to bottom: Love, Rooney, Cameron
This might just be my favorite month of Julep, yet.  These polishes knocked it out of the park.

Julep Love on ring finger, over Julep Abigail
Love is a gold, pearl, and fuchsia microglitter polish.  It was so hard to take a picture of, but it is stunning in real life.  There is a major flash of gold over the pink glitter, it is super pretty.  This was one coat over my existing Abigail mani (2 coats).

Julep Love

Cameron is the stardust polish that I wanted.  It is a silver liliac with various sizes of glitter.

Julep Cameron
This was one coat.  I used two for the real thing, but one covered very well and you could get away with just that.  It also removed very well! I did not have to soak or foil or pick off random left over glitter pieces.  Very impressive, although it could have been due in part to the layer of Abigail underneath.

Julep Cameron

Rooney is the polish that I was a little hesitant about.  I don't have any brown polishes, and I was a little hesitant to order this walnut bark creme, but I wanted Cameron.  I'm so glad I picked this style!  Rooney is perfect.  I'm a brown-polish believer, now.  It is so flattering against my skin, and isn't as harsh as a deep purple or navy.

Julep Rooney
This was a two-coated, but barely.  Like most other Julep cremes, it went on like butter.  So smooth and easy!  

Boho Glam polishes
I can't wait to try Love over a darker polish! I'm sure the gold will stand out even more

Julep Rooney with Julep Cameron accents.
Julep Maven costs $19.99 per month and includes shipping.  You get at least $40 worth of products, and being a Maven gets you a discount on anything you buy on their site.  There are 3 profiles where you get 2 polishes + a beauty item, one 3-polish profile, a 2-beauty item profile, and a nail-care based basics box to choose from each month.  HOWEVER.  If you sign up for Maven now, you can only skip your box once every 6 months.  Anyone who signed up before December (20th?) 2013 can skip any and all months, but Julep has changed this policy for new subscribers.  You can still cancel at any time by calling the company, but not being able to skip boxes kinda sucks.  

If you are still interested in Julep, you can use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free, you just pay a few dollars in shipping.  You can use my referral link here and I will get 1000 Jules (Julep points).  

This post contains items purchased by me.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, and no compensation or consideration was received for this post.  This post contains a referral link; see above for details.


  1. The brown really took me by surprise! I does look great against your skin tone. This was an awesome box. Glad you enjoyed your birthday gift! =)

    1. Thank! And thanks again for the great gift! It was awesome :)