Sunday, August 25, 2013

The week in nails, August 25

I was super busy this week. We are house-hunting and have been to showings almost every night and we get home exhausted.  For this reason, I picked low-maintenance polishes that would wear for as long as possible before chipping.

Julep Dakota and messy cuticles, sorry.

Two coats of Julep Dakota. No base coat, one coat of Seche Vite on top. 

I wore this for three days. It's a nice gold-toned warm pink. It's hard to photograph. It has the characteristics of a frost polish without looking overt about it. 

Julep Brooke

Julep Brooke, showing the gold

Next I slapped on two coats of Julep Brooke and one of Seche and called it a day. 

Brooke is a sheer with purple micro glitter that flashes to gold in the right light. It's really pretty, this is the first time I've worn it on its own and not as a top layer of sparkle. 

I wore this for 2 days. 

Racing stripes mani

We finally had Friday night to ourselves to unwind. I asked my boyfriend to pick a color to paint my nails and he said, "The color of your car. OH! With silver. OH! AND RACING STRIPES!" this a car, or my nails?

I did what he suggested and it turned out ok. It's not my favorite. I used a base of a no-name silver, used two pieces of striping tape on my middle and ring fingers of each hand, and painted one coat of Sally Hansen in Blue It. I peeled the tape off before the blue dried and topped those with a coat of Seche. 

This has survived two days but I'm going to change it tonight in preparation for the upcoming week. 

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