Saturday, August 31, 2013

Little Black Bag Review August 2013

Little Black Bag is a service that allows you to purchase an item from a gallery (jewelry, shoes, accessories, handbags, etc...) at a discount.  You can also "bundle" your item and they will surprise you with 3-4 other items for a slightly higher over all cost. You then have 1 week to trade your items for other things in the gallery.  See my explanatory post HERE.

I returned some items that I got in my July bag because I didn't like them.  I shipped them for about $11 at my post office, plus tracking, which was another dollar and change.  LBB was really fast at getting them entered into their system and three days after I mailed the items I had the return credits listed in my account.

I picked out some items from the return gallery and that was that! I paid shipping and handling on it, but it was totally worth the extra $17 or so to get items that I like better than the ones in my July bag.

LBB August, after removing all of the paper packing.

LBB has switched to a new warehouse and they said shipping and processing should be faster.  Shipping seems to be through FedEx.  My box shipped the 29th and arrived today, the 31st.  This is MUCH faster than previously, where it would be about a week from the time I was notified of shipping to me actually having it at my door.

LBB has also switched the way they package their items.  Before, you had to be careful when digging though your packing materials because they would just toss the little baggies with jewelry items in willy-nilly.  Now there are padded envelopes with the smaller items.  This is a great switch! Good job, LBB.

Robert Rose star ring

Back of RR star ring

I like this ring a lot and turned down some excellent offers on it.  It's adjustable because of the hinge, but it's not as annoying as I thought it would be.  It doesn't pinch the back of my fingers.

Two's Company shell bowl with my other items in it

I added on the shell bowl after I saw the dimensions.  I wanted something to hold my earrings, as I currently have them in a little travel first aid container.  Yeah.  It's time for an upgrade.  This is pretty, but not as high quality as I was hoping for.  It feels like flimsy plastic instead of shell.

R.J. Graziano gold and white ball necklace

I traded a bracelet from the exchange gallery for this necklace in the hopes of wearing it with some dresses I have to nice events like weddings.  It is a litter cheaper looking than I had hoped for, but we'll see how it looks with my dresses.

MMS Design Studio cream studded bag

I love this bag! It's awesome for the upcoming fall semester.  This had insane offers on it but I liked it too much to want to trade for something different.  I was worried the studs would be sharp and pointed, but they are flat tipped and won't hurt me when I'm carrying it around.

Everything all together

If you would like to sign up for Little Black Bag, and you use my REFERRAL LINK, you will get 25% off your first order!  

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me.
This post contains a referral link.  If you sign up for LBB using it, when your first bag ships, I will receive an item in my next bag. You will also get 25% off for using it.

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