Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Week in Nails, October 26

essie sssssexy
Essie magnetic polish in sssssexy. Two coats of polish, last one with the magnet held over for about 15 seconds. My nails are pretty curved and so only part of each nail got patterne. It's still cool though! One day of wear, no base or top. 

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

These were Sally Hansen nail polish strips. I like these because they are so easy to use! I wore them for three days. 

Not a total removal...

This is what happened when I tried to remove them. On each nail, the white part came off easily and all of the black dots remained. They took a bit of muscle to get off!

Julep Valerie

Two coats of Julep Valerie from the October Maven box. No base, no top.  This picture is from day two, so there was a little tip wear. I had this on for three days. 

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