Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Julep May 2014

Julep May 2014: It Girl

Why are all of my subscription boxes so late this month? It was a little annoying, especially because Julep usually arrives around the 1st of each month!

All May boxes came with Julep's Plié wand- a tool Julep crowd-sourced for funding.  The "It Girl" style profile usually has 3 polishes and zero other things, but this month it came with 2 polishes and the wand.  I *had* to get this one, because one of the polishes was named, "Jules"! 

Julep May, First Look

The polishes in this style profile are Jules, a warm powder pink creme, and Kam, a vintage spearmint creme.

Julep Kam and Jules

I'm sooo glad my namesake polish is such a "me" color! I have way too many pale pinks, but I can always justify another.

Julep Kam and Jules
Onto the good stuff...

Julep Plié Wand, Extra Caps, and It Girl Polishes

Julep included extra brushes with the Plié wand, so you can use it with your non-Julep polishes.  They also included a replaceable cap, so you can use it with your entire Julep collection.  I took some pictures of the simple cap exchange procedure.

Top Left: Julep polish with normal cap and Plié adaptor cap
Top Right: Pull the normal cap straight off
Bottom Left: Push the adaptor cap onto the bottle
Bottom Right: Snap the magnetic Plié wand into the magnetic adaptor cap

It's pretty easy!

Julep Jules with Plié Wand
The wand extends the polish cap, making it so you can hold it like a pen or pencil.  It also bends and swivels, so you can find the perfect polishing position.

Top: My handwriting grip
Bottom: My traditional polishing grip
Julep Alexandra on my nails

I'll update this post with swatches of the polishes.  I've been wearing Jules since Saturday afternoon, when the box came, and it's now Tuesday.  That's a pretty long time for me...

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription service.  They are making some changes to their available choices, taking effect in June for new subscribers.  If you want to try it out for free, use code FREECOLOR to try it out! I do really like their polishes, they last a long time without chipping on me.  My referral link is here, I'll get bonus points for referring you, and you get a free box.  Win-win!

"My Maven" is $24.99/month (or $19.99 per month if you prepay for 3 months at a time) and is customizable- you pick 2 polishes from the current collection, and one beauty/makeup/hair item that is offered.  That is the normal box, but now you have the ability to customize.

"Maven Luxe" is $39.99/month (or $34.99/month if you prepay for 3 months at a time) and is also customizable, but you get to pick more products.

You earn 1 skip every six months, get a discount any time in the Maven shop, and have access to special deals and sales. You do earn points (Jules) for every box you take, other purchases, and referrals.  These can be spent on more boxes, products, etc...

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me. This post contains a referral link.

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