Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wantable Intimates Box October 2013 Review

While I didn't get in on the ground level because their inaugural Intimates box sold out so fast, I did manage to sign up in time for Wantable's October box.  (That link is my personal referral link, I will get $10 towards a box if you sign up using it.)  They will send you 4-5 basic staples each month.

What's inside?!

Wantable is $40 per month for a one-time purchase, or you can subscribe for $36.  They also have an accessories box with jewelry and such, and a makeup box.  You can personalize your selections from a list of item categories (bras, underwear, shape-wear, etc) and styles within those (colorful, classic, comfy, etc).

Coobie Seamless Camisole with Lace Trim (and removable pads)

This cami is one-size and is in a light nude color.  It has removeable pads and adjustable straps.  This retails for $24 according to Wantable.  I like it, I think it will be a nice thing to wear under some of my winter sweaters.

Fleur't Bralet in White/Nude

Oh man, this is so comfortable! I really like it, and it will be awesome for just lounging around the house.  I definitely don't have the chest to just wear something like this out and about; I need some padding or something so I look like an adult, but it's good for just relaxing.  I wouldn't pay $34 for it, like Wantable suggests it's worth, but I'm glad they sent it.

Braza Bra converting Clips

Um.  I told Wantable I didn't like accessories, for the specific reason that I didn't want these to show up in my box like they did in some of the September boxes.  These are a waste on me.  I have some nice convertible bras.  I don't need these, I won't use these, and I certainly would not value them at $10.  Fail, Wantable.  Fail.

Jockey Skimmies in Jet Grey

I think Wantable took my "love" under the "shape-wear" category pretty seriously.  I have that shaping cami and now these. That's ok, I wore them under a dress this afternoon and they were very comfy and lightly shaping.  I felt like it held in whatever jiggle I may have without making me feel like I was shoved into a sausage casing.  Plus, Jockey is a pretty respectable brand.  These were listed at a $20 retail value on the info sheet Wantable sent.

Total Value: $88

Overall, despite the hiccup with the bra clips, I was pretty happy with this box.  I feel like paying $36 for everything I got was worth it.  It's hard to value things like underwear- there's so little material, and yet you get charged an exorbitant amount of money for that little scrap of lace.  I think getting the brands that I did for about $12 each (discounting the abomination that is the bra clips), is still worth it.  Even at Marshall's or TJ Maxx, these things would be about that much.  Everything fit well according to the sizes that I put into my personalized quiz, which is amazing for things like bras!  Granted, nothing had a specific cup size, but it all fit nonetheless.

I'm going to get one more month of this and see how it goes.  It's a little expensive, but they send good quality staples that should last a long time.  The thing about subscription boxes is that you can't subscribe in the hopes of getting something specific- you will be disappointed. You need to go into it with the hope to discover something that you didn't know you need- and now you can't live without it.

All of the items in this post were paid for by me.  No special consideration or compensation was received for this post.  This post contains a referral link; see top paragraph for details.  If you sign up using any of my links, I will be eternally grateful, as I'm a poor grad student and a discount on a box is awesome.


  1. I got the Jockey slimmies too this month. The coobie stuff is so comfortable too!

  2. nice! I haven't yet taken off my fleur't bralet to try on the coobie cami, but that will be next haha. This thing is just way too comfy. I think I need like 12 more.