Saturday, July 27, 2013

The week in nails, July 27

This is the time I dislike... The end of the month seems to be devoid of subscription box activity. Today's remedy for my doldrums is to show you the three nail looks I wore this week; all polish used was from Julep.

Two coats each, Bess and Charlie.  Julep Base Coat and Seche Vite top coat. No chips yet, day 2.

Julep Bess, with Charlie as an accent.  Saltwater taffy from Martha's Vineyard!

The blue is Julep Bess and the yellow is Julep Charlie. These were both part of my July Summertime Day and Night Big mystery box. Each of them covers really well, and you can almost get away with one coat, if you are careful.  The downside to these two polishes is that both of these STAIN like nobody's business.  I used Julep's base coat, but I don't have high hopes.  I can see some scrubbing with whitening toothpaste in my future!  Hopefully these don't chip for a long time.  

Earlier this week I also used only Julep polishes (I have so many! They are such pretty colors! They last so long without chipping! They are taking over my nail polish collection.)

Two coats Julep Grace with two sponged coats from cuticle up of Julep Camille.  No base coat, Seche Vite top coat.  No chips after 2 days.

Julep Grace with reverse glitter gradient in Camille.

I wore this combination by itself for two days.  Julep Grace is one of my favorite sheer pinks.  It is so sheer that you can't easily build it to opacity, like you can with OPI Bubble Bath or China Glaze Innocence.  4 or 5 coats of those will get you coverage of your nail line, Grace will not.  For this reason, I should probably have done a normal gradient, but I wanted the reverse for some reason.  Something different, I guess.

Another look at Julep Grace with reverse glitter gradient in Camille

This was nice and subtle, but I was getting bored of it.  Everything still looked good after two full days of wearing it, so I decided just to add on for the next two days.

2 Sponged coats of Julep Kyla, Seche Vite as top coat.  2 days no chips before removed.

Julep Kyla sponged on tips, Julep Camille sponged near cuticle.

Kyla was another polish from my July Mystery Box.  It's a lot of glitter to wear by itself as a full manicure, and it's a lot of glitter to wear in a gradient, but at least the change of color breaks it up a little bit.  I liked this, and got a lot of complements on it, but it did seem a little young to wear to work for longer than 2 days.  I like that Kyla is a jelly base, it worked nicely blending out to the clear base of Camille.

All of my Julep polishes come either from their monthly subscription box, or from the mystery boxes that they release a few times a year.  If you would like to sign up for the monthly box (and thus have access to the mystery boxes), my referral link is here.  Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free! 

All products included in this post were purchased by me, all opinions are my own, and no compensation was received for this post.  This post also includes a referral link; if you use this link to sign up for a monthly subscription to Julep, I receive 1000 "Jules", which can be redeemed on the site for products.

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