Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why I Am No Longer Subscribed to... PantyFly

Today's edition of "why I am no longer subscribed to..." is featuring Panty Fly

Panty fly is a service that will send you 3 pairs of undies for $9 per month, including shipping.  There are three profiles you can choose from, "barely there" featuring thongs and string bikinis and the like; "sleek and sexy" featuring modern briefs, hipsters, high cut, and bikini; and "mixing it up" which will give you 3 pairs from either category.  At any point you can change your style or size for the next month. Panty fly now has added a "2 for her and 2 for him" package which is $12 per month.  I signed up when this company was just getting started, so I got a deal where I pre-paid $15 for 3 months. 

First Month

These were ok.  I picked the mixed pack, but the briefs little on the small side (I ordered size S) and the heart pair aren't the best quality.  Still, for $5 for all of these, not bad. 

Month Number Two

I upped my size to medium on the site (I wear size 4 jeans [27]) and these fit a little better.  I also changed my style profile to sleek and sexy, and was planning on changing it to barely there for my third month. 


Dear Panty Fly Prepaid Members, 
We have experienced some issues with fulfillment this month.  We anticipated shipping on time starting the 15th.  However some of our prepaid members will be affected. We have experienced some delays with certain manufactures, this delay has resulted in our inability to meet these deadlines as promised.   We do not have a solution for this as of yet, we are writing to let you know if you are a prepaid member we are issuing you a refund of your payment for the remaining months you had left.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We must issue these refunds to be in compliance with Visa and MasterCard terms.   If you have any questions about your refund you may email us at Please remember that once we issue the refund it can take up to 5-7 days for your bank to post it into your account.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 
This will not affect everyone, only those who are on one of our prepaid memberships.  Monthly members have already began being shipped.  As they come from a different fulfillment facility.  We have however removed the Prepaid Gift options from our site.  We will only be allowing members to sign up from this point forward using the monthly membership options.You will get a separate email once the refund has been processed. If you paid via PayPal you will get an email from PayPal showing your refund. 
Sincerely, JasonPanty Fly

For the TL;DR folks, they sent this email saying that the pre-paid subscriptions were fulfilled by a different warehouse and they had issues and couldn't send out that month.  I got my $5 refund within two weeks, it worked out fine on that end. I'm just a little disappointed, and did not resubscribe.  I might try another underwear subscription service in the future, who knows. 

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