Thursday, July 25, 2013

American Apparel Grab Bag for Women July 2013

I recently bought a grab bag from American Apparel for $45.  It was guaranteed to have 10 items in it.  I added on a pair of cheap shorts to bring my total over $50 so I could get free shipping.  I ordered size medium, and except for 1 item and anything 'one size', everything fits ok.  I'm a 27 (size 4) in pants and usually a small in tops, but according to AA, I'd be a medium.  

All photos (except the last one) are from American Apparel, and where available, I took the sale price (even if some of the colors I received are not listed in the sale section)

Baby Rib Long Dress in Asphalt
Couldn't find on sale, $46 regular price

Blossom Hair Clip in Black
$6 on sale (no black shown)

Leather Bow [Hair] Clip, Yellow
Sale $7 (no yellow shown)

Nylon-Spandex Micromesh Leggings in Fluorescent Pink
On Sale $2

Rhymer Print Nylon-Tricot Side-Tie Bikini Bottoms (Just the bottoms lol) in Rhymer Blue
On sale, $8.

Rib U-Neck in Olive
On sale, $3.

Sheer Jersey Two-Sided Top, in Black
$2 on sale, black not shown

Sheer Jersey Long Sleeve in Light Blue
I received 2 of these.  Identical colors and everything.  $4 on sale.

Striped Double-U Neck Tank, Black and Natural Narrow
Striped not on sale, solids sale $14
I couldn't find the last item on the AA website.  It is a leather belt with rainbow stitching and even though it is listed as a size ML, I estimate it is size ML for toddlers.  Seriously, I can barely fit it around my thigh with it set as big as it can go!

The belt and the two hair clips.
I really like the belt, I wish it fit!

Overall value: $96 plus belt.  I didn't even bother estimating that since I couldn't find it and it doesn't fit.

It's an ok value, but most of that came from the maxi dress.  I'd say I got my money's worth, but I probably won't order this again.  It was tempting, and I'm glad I saw what was in it, and it's nice to have some more basics, but that's it.  One-time only.  I'll stick to grab bags like Golden Tote; I like the items much more than these.

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