Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stitch Fix November 2013

Stitch Fix

This was my first fix!  Popsugar sent a $20 gift code in October's box, so I figured I would try it out.  I didn't have anything to lose, so why not?

Stitch Fix is like a personal shopper service.  You tell them your sizes, style preferences, and price point, and they send you items that they think you will like and that will fit.

You can schedule a fix at any point, or have them automatically send one per month.  There is a $20 styling fee that will go toward any purchase you make from that fix.  If you purchase everything, you get a 25% discount on everything.  If you decide not to purchase some or all of the items, you send them back in the pre-paid envelope.

Without further ado, onto my first fix!

Pearson Dot Knit Long Sleeved Sweater

Sweater, $88

I like the color and the open knit, but this wasn't special enough.  It wasn't very soft and I wasn't crazy about the dot print.  The sleeves were a little long.

Not a keeper.

Ryan Chevron Knit Infinity Scarf
Scarf, $38

I really like this! The colors are a nice combination and it was super-soft, but I can't justify spending $40 on something I could knit for myself.  In fact, I knit myself something similar last year!
Not a keeper.

Danford Velvet-Detailed Hi-Lo Tank

Tank, $58
This was beautiful, and I really liked the style and the fit, but I wouldn't have anywhere to wear it!  It's too fancy for my everyday life as a grad student.  The front is all openwork with velvet details and is totally see-through.  Stitch fix sent a plain black cami that I'm assuming was meant to go under this, but it wasn't listed on any sheet and wasn't attached in any manner to the velvet tank.  It was kinda just folded up under everything else in the box!

I could see wearing this to a fancy dinner with a skirt and sweater, but I can't justify keeping it at the price (even with the $20 off).

Malin Bootcut Jeans

Jeans, $98

I liked the quality of these, but not the boot cut or the buttons on the pockets.  They were also a little long, I don't often wear heels with jeans.  They fit really well, which is awesome for some random person picking out jeans for me!  It always is something I find difficult to shop for, but these were spot on.

If you don't know what a $100+ pair of jeans feels like, go try some on!  It is amazing the difference in quality of the fabric.  These were so soft and felt like I had spent years breaking them in perfectly.  This is why I am a loyal fan of Lucky Brand.  They are usually just under $100 but I definitely get my money's worth!  So, I don't mind paying for expensive jeans (if they are good quality), but I didn't like the style of these enough.

I didn't keep these.

Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan

Cardigan, $58
This is awesome! I loved it, and it is absolutely something I would normally wear.  Sadly, my budget is tight around the holidays and even with the styling fee, this is a little out of my range.

The dark blue fabric is a little hard to see in my pictures, but it was very soft.  This was my favorite item and I was so tempted to pay the $38 out of pocket (the price, minus the styling fee that Popsugar essentially paid).  I did not, and everything in the fix got sent back.

Had I gotten these items in Golden Tote for a flat $149, I would have been thrilled!  However, it stings a little more seeing the total price of everything at $340.  With the 25% discount, all of the items would have cost $240.  Granted, for the items I was sent, that is a bargain.  Maybe in the future I will do another fix.

If Stitch Fix interests you, here is my referral link.  I will get a $25 credit for anyone who signs up for a fix using my link.

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me.  This post contains a referral link.


  1. I love the open knit sweater and the cardigan!

    1. The cardigan was sooo soft. I hope you got the referral credit, I used your link to sign up!