Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ipsy November 2013 Review

Ipsy November 2013

Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that costs $10 per month, including shipping.  You will get 5-6 full and deluxe sized beauty products, mostly focusing on makeup.  Each month includes a makeup bag!  This is one of the best deals out there, if you are interested mostly makeup products.

Ipsy November 2013

Ipsy this month sent out 6 items to everyone, including a full-sized item from em by Michelle Phan, the founder of Ipsy.

This month's theme was 'Glam It Up' and the bag is a shiny gold faux-snakeskin wristlet with a hot pink zipper and interior.  It feels a little flimsy, but for the price, I can't complain!  I appreciate the wrist strap, I wish they would send out more like this!

Ipsy November 2013

First up is a Pixi bronzer.  Everyone got one this month, and Ipsy's site had a *ton* of people complaining about it.   "I TOLD IPSY I DON'T WANT BRONZERS WHINE WHINE WHINE."  Get over it.  For $10, you get a bag, 5-6 full and deluxe-sized samples, and free shipping.  EVERYONE got a bronzer this month.  Chill. 

... ok, rant over.

I got sent a shade called Subtly Suntouched, which Pixi calls a medium honey tan, and is surprisingly not too dark for my pale, pale face.  The package doesn't seem to like me, though, and it is really tricky to unscrew and screw the lid back on!  I am hoping I got a fluke and that all of Pixi's containers don't suck this badly.

Pixi Bronzer in Subtly Sunkissed

Sample size is 3.2g, and the full size (which comes with a brush) is 10.21 grams and sells for $18.  Assuming the brush is a bonus and not included in the price, my sample is worth $5.64.

Next up is my variable item: A two-pack of Kiss Ever EZ Lashes in style 03 (glam).  The set comes with an applicator and a mini bottle of lash glue. 

Kiss Ever EZ Lashes in 03

I really like wearing false eyelashes for fancy events.  It is something that pulls your look together, but that people can't pinpoint.  I have a number of sets that range from natural-looking to outrageous.  If you are careful, you can reuse false lashes a number of times.  They can be tricky to apply, but with practice, it can take under a minute per eye!  I appreciate the fact that Ipsy sent a double-pack- it gives people new to falsies a chance to practice without ruining their only set.

These seem to be made from human hair, but it is not specified on the box I was sent.  It just refers to them as "natural", whereas online they are advertised as "100% human hair."

These sell for about $4.99 for the double-pack, depending on where you buy.

The next item that everyone received as a lip crayon from Be A Bombshell.  The color I got was Shameless, a shimmery burgundy.  The other option sent was Hot Damn, a bright red.  I'm glad I was sent Shameless, I have enough bright red lip products to last a lifetime!  This shade is perfect for the holiday season.  It's shimmery and buildable, so I can control the shade that I end up wearing. 

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless

The lip crayon goes on more like a thin lipstick.  It isn't sticky or glossy or drying.  It's just in the middle of everything, texture-wise.  I like it.

Shameless Lip Crayon on me

This is $14 for 2.5g on the company's website.  We were sent the full size!

Everyone also received a gem liner from Starlooks.  The options were Topaz and Amethyst.  I received amethyst- a shimmery silvery-purple. 

Starlooks Amethyst Gem Liner

I have gotten some liners (lip and eye) from Starlooks in other Ipsy bags, so I was afraid of the texture on this one.  The other liners have been hard and unblendable.  This was absolutely a surprise- it's probably my favorite item in the bag!  It goes on smoothly, doesn't tug, blends like a dream, and has a super-creamy formula.  In terms of texture, it reminds me of my HG 24/7 liners from Urban Decay.  Unfortunately, unlike UD, this isn't very long-lasting.  It came off with some rubbing, but it's not the end of the world.  This liner is so pretty that I don't have an issue re-applying as needed.

Starlooks Amethyst Gem Liner Swatch (bottom)

These are $14 for 2.4g on Starlooks' website.  We were sent the full size!

The last item that everyone received was a Nailtini Straight-Up Color Nail Lacquer.  Mine was in Caviar Cocktail, a silver, but the other option was Champagne, which is a gold.

Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Caviar Cocktail

I like Nailtini polishes, they always seem to last a long time on my nails without chipping or showing wear.  I wish I had gotten the gold color, because I have so many silver polishes!  Also, this shows brush marks no matter how careful you are.  I think because of this, it would look nice with a glittery top coat, or in a sponged-on gradient.  I may or may not keep this, I haven't decided.

Stroke marks :(

This is full-sized, 0.5 fl.oz. for $13.

The last item is the em product.  The options for this item were varied, as were the colors within each item!  I got a Waterliner Intense Color Eyeliner.

em by Michelle Phan Waterliner in Amazing Grey
I was glad to see I was sent an eyeliner; in my Ipsy survey, eyeliner was my desert island beauty product.  It seems, to me at least, that Ipsy actually matched the correct product to me based on my profile! 

Smudgey end of the Waterliner

With all of the pretty and unique colors offered as a waterliner, I was sent Amazing Grey, a shimmery silver.  Oh well.  This was a little hard for my liking, but it has decent staying power.  I like the fact that it is a twist-up liner and comes with a little smudge sponge on the other end.  I do not like the fact that every time I try to take the cap off of my smudger, the entire thing pulls out of the plastic case of the liner!

Waterliner Swatch, bottom right

I'm glad that Ipsy sent out a full-sized em product to each subscriber, this is the best advertising they can get, right to their target demographic.  Good move. 

My three swatches after vigorous rubbing. The Waterliner survived pretty well.

The waterliners sell for $20 and are 280 mg of product.

Total Value: $71.63

This was a really nice bag!  The bronzer matches my skin, the lip crayon isn't too dark or too red, nail polish and eyeliners are always appreciated, and I will absolutely use the false lashes.  I'm glad I got to try an em product; I don't think I will ever buy one on my own, I think they are overpriced.  At least for the eyeliner, I would rather spend $19 on Urban Decay than $20 on em.  This is especially true now that I've gotten to try it out!  For less than $2 per item in this month's bag, I am very happy.  The Starlooks liner alone makes this bag worth it!

Here is my link if you would like to sign up for Ipsy.  I will get 250 referral points for every person who signs up using my link; 1000 points will get me a bonus item.

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me. This post contains a referral link; see above for details.