Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's in a Birchbox Mystery Pick Two Pack?

When you spend over $35 on Birchbox, you can pick out a Pick Two Sample Pack for free.  You can also buy them for $10, but that doesn't seem as good of a deal to me.  The duos vary throughout the year, and you can either pick a certain pair or opt for a "Mystery Pack."

None of the pairs really interested me when I placed my last order, so I decided to go out on a limb and chose the mystery pack.  I'm sure that what I got is not what everyone who picked this option received, but it can give you an idea of what to expect.

Ta-da! Mystery Pick Two Sample Pack from Birchbox.

I ended up with a 30 mL sample of Alessandro Cream Rich Hand!Spa Age Complex Regenerating Hand Cream with Pearl Protein Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, as well as a Color Club mini in Wild Cactus.

The full size of the hand cream is 100 mL and retails for $30 on Birchbox.  The sample value is $9.
The nail polish is part of Color Club's Fiesta collection and the full size, 0.5 oz is $8. The sample value is $4 (0.25 oz).

The hand cream smells like a Yankee Candle store.  I can't put my finger down on the scent, it just smells like a mix of everything, but not in an overpowering or unpleasant way.  It is very nice and isn't greasy at all.  Just a very rich hand cream with a very light, very unobtrusive scent.

Unfortunately, I had received a sample bottle of Wild Cactus in my February 2013 box.  It's a pretty color, but it stains.  I also don't like Color Club as a brand, in general.  I find that their polishes chip much faster than other, similarly priced, polishes such as Essie or OPI.

This is from February, when I received Wild Cactus for the first time.  Don't mind the mess on my cuticles.  It matched my shirt, though!

Just because this is what I received in my Mystery Pick Two Sample Pack, that doesn't mean it is what you will get!  I do want to note that neither of these items were listed in any of the other packs (there was a different color club polish in one of them, though).  The hand cream was a nice surprise and I will be able to give the duplicate polish as a gift... along with a nice base coat!

This post contains products that I purchased with my own funds.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.

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