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Birchbox May 2014

Birchbox May 2014 Review

Wow, was Birchbox late this month!  

Although, I did get this box a week ago and I've been so busy at work that I haven't gotten the chance to review it yet.  But still, BB was late.

This month, the theme is and BB teamed up with Kate Spade Saturday to give us an exclusive discount code and a different box than normal.  The box is super cute, and the outer packaging was yellow instead of pink, which was fun.  Yellow is such a bright, sunny, happy color, and it was cute to see it in my mailbox!  

Birchbox May 2014, First Look
Upon first look, I was super excited!  See the white bottles? I've been waiting for those for like a year!  The good thing about BB is that if you have your eye on a particular sample, if you wait long enough you will eventually get it in one of your boxes!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beauty Protector: Protect and Detangle spray, and I've been wanting to try their shampoo and conditioner set, but haven't wanted to shell out the money/points for a full size set in case I didn't like it.  So, needless to say, I was very happy to see those this montb.

Laqa & Co. Sheer Lip Lube in Bees Knees

Here is another item that is right up my alley!  Laqa&Co. Lip Lube in Bees Knees, which is a much more coral/peach toned color than in the above picture.  Lip crayons are my favorites, they are super easy to apply and very portable.  I like my Revlon Balm Stains the best, because of the stain part, but the crayon format is awesome.

The full size is 0.07oz and costs $18.  We were sent the full size! This is super tiny for an $18 pencil.

Lip Tube on my face
This is a very pretty coral color, perfect for the summer.  However, it settles VERY fast into any lines in your lips and I strongly recommend using a heavy-duty exfoliant beforehand.  It has average wear time for a colored balm, and smells slightly minty.

Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen
I have so much Supergoop!  I've gotten samples of Supergoop twice from Birchbox, but they justified sending me more because this is a different product than the City Serum.  Whatever.  I will use it, that's for sure! I'm a vampire.  I've learned the hard way that no matter how badly I want to be tan, it will never happen.  I burn, and then peel back to the whitest of the whites.  So, sunscreen is my friend!

Full size is $48 for 18 fl.oz., and this sample is 0.34 fl.oz., making it worth $0.91.  Thanks, BB.  At least it's a tube instead of a ketchup packet.

Beauty Protector Protect & Condition and Protect & Shampoo

If you like the smell of Protect & Detangle (vanilla candy? It's hard to describe), these smell the same.  The shampoo is sulfate-free (YAY!) and the conditioner is very rich.  A little goes a long way for both of them.  I really, really like these and wish they weren't so expensive!  I think I'll buy these with my next batch of accumulated BB points.  These were everything I had hoped they would be!

Beauty Protecor Protect & Shampoo and Protect & Condition are $21.95 each for 8 oz.  The samples are 1 oz each, for a total value of $5.49 for both.

32 Effervescent Breath Treatment Packets

Do you remember pop rocks? The candy crystals with CO2 dissolved into them, so as the candy started to melt in your mouth, the gas would free itself, expanding rapidly and shattering the thinned candy around it- thus popping.  It was a party in your mouth! Sometimes the pops were a little too violent and felt like an electric shock- like licking a 9V battery.  Not that I advise you to lick a 9V battery...

Anyway, these are the grown-up version of pop rocks.  They are little packets of breath-freshening crystals that you are supposed to swish around your mouth as they dissolve and pop.  There is less popping power in these than in the candy version.  These were like toothpaste-flavored Pop Rocks, and I am unsure how I feel about that.  It was weird.

These sell for $14.75 (box of 30), making 2 packets worth $0.98.

Birchbox May 2014

I had a total value this month of $25.68 with the majority of that value being the lip pencil.

I'm happy with this month's items!  The hits outweighed the misses.

Birchbox costs $10 per month and you get 4-6 sample (and occasionally full sized) items.  You can review each item you receive for 10 BB points, and every 100 points can be redeemed for $10 to spend in their online shop.  This is a great deal!  If you want to try Birchbox, please use my link here.  I'll get some extra BB points for each referral.

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me. This post contains referral links.

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