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Ipsy May 2014 Review

Ipsy May 2014

Ipsy's theme this month was "Fresh Picks" and was another low-makeup month.  A few times a year, it seems like Ipsy focuses more on skin and hair care than makeup.  I much prefer the all-makeup months!

Ipsy May 2014 bag
Chilling with some succulents
The bag this month is actually one of my favorites ever! It is canvas with a spring-green leaf print on the front.  It feels pretty durable and I already have it in my purse.

That being said, the bag is probably my favorite thing out of this month.  Womp womp.

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Eva-NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

The first item that I got this month is a hair mask from  Eva NYC.  I haven't tried it yet, to be honest, because I have one open already, but maybe this weekend I'll put this in my shower to try it out.  I like the packaging, though, very pretty!  This mask has argan oil and Keravis in it.  Keravis is a trademarked product that is basically a combination protein/silicone.  

The full size is 500 mL for $40, making the 60 mL sample worth $4.80 (although they sell this size for $12 on the EVA NYC site).

Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo #2- Moonbeam and Unicorn

Of course, the ONLY makeup item I get, and I don't like it!  There was a Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm sent to some people this month, and I wanted it so badly!  I LOVE those.  But no, I got this eyeshadow duo.

Moonbeam, left.  Unicorn, right.
Tiny aloe plant as prop
The duo I got is very pretty in the package.  Moonbeam is a dusky purple with a slight golden sheen, and Unicorn is an eggshell cream with a golden shift.  In theory, these are great colors!

Two swipes over bare skin.  Unicorn on top, Moonbeam on the bottom
Feather to cover up my super disgusting curling iron burn
Unfortunately, over bare skin these barely show up.  Moonbeam looks like a fading bruise, and Unicorn is there, but most of its golden sheen stayed on my swatching finger and didn't stick to my hand.  Maybe a primer would help these.  I was pretty disappointed in the quality of these.  This shadow is 0.07oz (I'll round to 2g, 1g for each color).  Pacifica is a Vegan company, and these use coconut oil as the main binding component.  They are nice and soft, I just want more color payoff!

Moonbeam is from the Mystical Supernatural Eye Shadow Palette ($14 for 7g), and this half of the shadow is worth $2.
Unicorn is from the Charmed Shadow Palette ($17 for 5.6g), and this half of the shadow is worth $3.04.

Total: $5.04

Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask

Hey Honey Take it OFf
This peel-off mask has honey and an alpha hydroxy acid in it.  The directions are to put on a face lotion, put the mask over it, let the mask dry, peel it off, and put on more lotion.  All that lotioning seems to me to be what is making your face so soft!  But, I haven't tried this, so I can't really speak on that.

50 mL is $35, making the 10 mL sample worth $7.  That's pretty expensive, but it doesn't seem like you use a lot at a time, so this should last a while.  Especially because I don't really use masks more often than once a month.

Hang 10 Classic Sport Sunscreen SPF

Hang Ten Classic Sport Sunscreen SPF 50
Hang Ten is owned by Coola, the makers of a higher-end mineral sunscreen line.  I've gotten some Coola products in previous bags, but this is not a face-specific sunscreen like those were.  This is water-resistant UVA/UVB sunscreen.  I always need more of this!  It has the same chemical sunscreen ingredients as everything else on the market (avobenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene), and so it works because these molecules absorb the ultraviolet rays so your skin doesn't.  This means you need to reapply after AT MOST 2 hours, because all that radiation can degrade these compounds, causing them to produce free radicals which are also bad for your skin.  

This is $12.99 for 3.4 fl.oz., making the 1 fl.oz. sample worth $3.82

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avene Thermal Spring Water

Seriously?  Why do products like this exist?  This is water.  In a misting can.  For your face.  Ok, thanks Ipsy.  I just don't get it- what is so special about this, and why do you need to gently mist your face with water often enough to require a product like this?

Whatever- to each their own.  The company claims that the minerals in this water (from the thermal spring) help calm and soothe irritated skin.  Eh.  I'll spritz it on the next sunburn I get and see if it does anything besides temporarily cool it off.

The full price is $18 for 300 mL.  That is OUTRAGEOUS for water in a fancy can.  Holy crap.

The 50 mL sample is worth $3. 

Everything all together:

Ipsy May 2014

All together, this month had a value of $23.66.  It's not the highest value Ipsy bag ever, and I don't like two of the products, but the sunscreen, hair treatment, and face mask are decent.  I love the bag, though! Hopefully next month goes back to being makeup-only!

Ipsy is $10 per month and sends you 4-6 deluxe and full-sized (mostly makeup) items in a reusable makeup bag.  You can review each item on their site for 10 points each, and every 1000 Ipsy points will get you a bonus item.  If you want to try it out, please use my link here.  I'll get some extra Ipsy points for each referral.

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me. This post contains a referral link.

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