Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Golden Tote April 2014

Golden Tote April 2014

After a week or so of being tormented by seeing everyone else's totes online, my April Golden Tote finally showed up today!

They changed the bag design this month, which is cute.  I think I like the "Stay Golden" version better, though.

New tote pattern this month!

The way GT works is that you pick either a $149 tote or a $49 tote.  With a $49 tote, you pick one item to start and you get 2-3 more items as a surprise.  The $149 option allows you to pick two items from the boutique and you will get 4-5 more items as a surprise.

The first item I picked is this cinched silk dress by I. Madeline:

I. Madeline Cinched Silk Dress

There are ties at each hip that cinch the waist, and this dress has a two-button front and also POCKETS!  Pockets in dresses are the best!

I wasn't sure if I actually liked this or not, but it fits well, is comfortable, and looks better with a sweater.  I took it on a test drive around town this evening.

The dress in action at the wall in Narragansett
Yes, that is my purse behind me... I thought it would be out of the frame there... oops.

I'm not crazy about the sleeves on their own, and I feel like without a sweater/cardigan/blazer this will look too much like a couch (or Kim Kardashian's infamous floral dress at the Met Gala while she was pregnant last May).  But, I do like this and I'm glad I picked it for my tote.  It seems to be really well made, and there are nice seaming details on the back.
Pattern and pleated back detail
Before I show you the second item I picked, I will show you my favorite item from this month's tote, a simple tank dress from Priddy by Puella.  Puella is the label created by the GT founders, and Priddy is an offshoot (I think made just for GT).  Puella is sold at Anthropologie.

I was really, really hoping I would get this dress, and I did! There were two color options I think, with the other being black and white only?  I'm not sure.  My ten second google search didn't turn anything up besides the red contrast.

Priddy by Puella Striped Tank Dress

Anyway, this dress is super duper soft and drapey.  I like that it is actually two layers throughout, it makes it a little more substantial and I won't have to worry about it flying away on a windy day!

I have a number of horizontal striped dresses from GT, and Puella/Priddy especially, but they are all different and I'm always happy to receive another one! They usually end up being my favorite item from the tote each month.
Priddy by Puella Striped Tank Dress

Now that you have seen that dress, I can show you the second item that I picked this month, a denim jacket by Thread and Supply.  I used to have a jean jacket, and I loved it, but then I gained 30 pounds and it no longer fit.  So, this is its replacement.  When I ordered it, I don't think I realized it was decorated other places than the front...
Thread and Supply Embroidered Denim Jacket, Front

See?  the back is pretty busy, and that is not quite my style.  However, the jacket itself fits really well and already feels broken-in.  I will make it work!
Thread and Supply Embroidered Denim Jacket, Back
Just in general, it's nice to have a casual light-weight jacket.  I had been missing something like this from my wardrobe.

Thread and Supply

The surprise item that was spoiled this month is this lace raglan from Woo, which was made specifically for this month's tote.  This shirt is definitely my style, and I'm glad I got it!  The sleeves are soft and a little stretchy, but the lace doesn't move at all.  GT included a plain black tank to go with it! You can never have too many plain tanks...

Woo Souvenir Edition Lace Raglan Top

However, as much as I love this top, I can't wear it right away.  The sleeve wasn't sewn all the way closed due to some of the fabric escaping the serger.

Woo Lace Raglan Top
Ripped Sleeve
I'll sew it shut on my dinky machine, but it still is a sucky situation.  I feel like this company got sloppy, having to crank out so many of this top, and did not go through any kind of quality control.  I read in the facebook trading group that some other people had the same issue.  Too bad!
Woo Raglan Top

Here's where things go even further downhill.  Seaming issues aside, I like all of the previous items a lot.  I don't really like the other two things I was sent, starting with this high-low top from Sweewe.

Sweewe High-Low Floral Top
The black band at the bottom of the shirt, under the white? That's the bonus tank that was included with the lace raglan.  There is NO WAY I can wear this shirt without a tank underneath it... I'm just too old (and too out of shape) to get on the crop-top bandwagon.  The back is nice, though.

Sweewe High-Low Floral Top
I would like this a LOT better if the neckline was different, and the material was longer in the front.  The pattern is pretty, and I like the back of this, but that's about it.  It's very light and airy and would be great in the summer... on someone else.

The last item is another item that is comfy, and fits well, but would look a lot better on someone else.  It just isn't my style at all!

Trendology Boho Top
I might put these last two items up on the trading group to see if someone else wants them.
Trendology Boho Top
Oh well, you win some and you lose some.  I really like 4 out of the 6 items, and I got a bonus tank top! I was under the impression I would only get 5 items in this month's tote because the silk dress had a pretty high value, but I ended up with 6 anyway.

Black Tank

Overall, this month was not too bad...  Especially if I can sell or trade the two tops that I don't like as much.

April 2014 Golden Tote

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me.


  1. It's really floral this month! I really like the Woo Lace top, too bad that it wasn't sewn well.

    1. Haha I said the same thing when I started pulling everything out of the box! Flowers.... And more.... And more....