Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ipsy April 2014

Ipsy April 2014

Ipsy survived the monsoon and my mailman was able to deliver it without needing to canoe through the streets. I was really, really looking forward to this month after seeing my updated Glam Room!

The bag itself
This bag is a lot bigger than normal! It is taller, which is nice if I want to carry around long brushes. They will fit diagonally in this without getting the bristles smushed. 

Demeter Jasmine Roll On Perfume Oil

I've really been getting into indie perfumes lately, and was not as bummed as I normally would be to see this in my bag. Demeter roll ons are not that potent, and don't last that long, so wearing this isn't an all day commitment. This smells like jasmine, which is warm and floral, and faintly tropical. It is perfect for warm summer nights! The single note can also be used to layer with other fragrances, to create something new.  

Old bottle, left.  New bottle, right.

I got a different roll-on from Demeter in a previous Ipsy bag, and the bottles have changed! They both are 0.29 fl.oz., but the new round bottle looks a lot bigger. 

Blurry, sorry :( 

I guess it makes you think you are getting more product for your money?

$10 for 0.29 fl.oz. 

Midnight Fountain polish by Rainbow Honey

This nailpolish by rainbow honey is one of the items I was really looking forward to! I have lusted over their polishes for so long! They have amazing glitter combos, like this one, midnight fountain.

Glitters! So many glitters!
This is a bright blue jelly packed with glitter! There are large iridescent and dark blue hexagons, medium iridescent squares, small iridescent hexagons, and lots of shimmers! 

2 coats of Midnight Fountain

It is pretty grainy on, and will need a thick layer of top coat if uneven nail surfaces bother you. 

This polish is exactly what I hoped it would be! It dried fast and takes all the work out of putting together a perfect jelly sandwich. 

Rainbow Honey polishes are 15 mL for $10, making the 5 mL sample worth $3.33.

I've gotten this same product in Birchbox before. I actually really like it! It is a scrub with very fine particles, that noticeably exfoliate your face. It is too harsh to use every day, but I have been doing it once a week and am happy with the results... as long as I scrub gently. Plus, it smells like lemons!

Full size is $78 for 2 oz., making the 0.25 oz sample worth $9.75

Mary Kay At Play Jelly Gloss in Berry Me

Mary Kay At Play jelly gloss in Berry Me isn't something I would have picked for myself, and all I can see when I look at the logo is AOL! Didn't they have the @ sign with a triangle?

I tried to spread it into a heart shape... somewhat successfully? It was too sticky to really have any kind of precision.

After this swatch, I was really afraid the gloss would be super sticky on my lips, because it was super sticky on my hand. It was.  This is like trying to spread half-melted taffy around!

Rainy days suck.  Rainy day hair sucks. This lipgloss also kinda sucks.

It is nice and sheer, and also unflavored and unscented. It goes on wicked sticky, and isn't slick, so it lasts longer than slippery glosses do.  I am a fan of the color, and how long it lasts, but I am not a fan of the texture.

9.5 mL sells for $10

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil

Here it is! The reason I was the most excited for this month's Ipsy! A brand new UD 24/7 liner in black velvet. This was touted as a super intense matte black. 

Black Velvet, if you please!

If you like ultra black eyeliners, this is for you! I compared it to all my other black 24/7 liners as seen below:

What? You don't have 5 slightly different black eyeliners from the same brand?
Don't judge me.

Perversion, the top line, was my deepest matte black up until now. Check out black velvet! It is black like my soul! This is the inkiest epitome of black I have ever seen in an eyeliner. It is UNREAL. 

It has a slightly different texture than my other 24/7 liners, though.  It is a little harder and not as smooth during application as the other blacks in my collection.  The difference isn't anything drastic, but I use these eyeliners every day (I don't ever wear any other liners BUT 24/7!), so it was something I picked up on.  If you aren't as obsessed with this product as I am, you probably won't tell.

This is travel-sized, 0.03 oz, and the full-size (0.04 oz) is $20, making the sample worth $15.

April 2014 Ipsy

Total value: $58.08

All together, I think this was a great month of Ipsy. The UD and Rainbow Honey, plus a spare of the microdermabrasion scrub? Awesome. The perfume was better than expected and overall I am happy. I'll ignore the gloss.  For only $10, I got a great deal this month!

$10 per month will get you 5-6 samples from Ipsy, and they are usually full or deluxe sample sizes.  You fill out a profile and Ipsy tries their best to match you with the products that you would like the best.  It's hit or miss, but the value of the bag is always way higher than the price you pay!

If you want to try it out, please use my signup link here.  I'll get some bonus Ipsy points for each referral.

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me. This post contains a referral link.


  1. Oooh Urban Decay eye pencil! I feel like you almost never see such a nice find in these boxes. Zero is my personal favorite, black velvet looked super black next to the swatches of other blacks. It almost made the other swatches look like the had more of a blue-ish hue to them.

    I like the looks of the little perfume rollers. Easy to apply, easy to carry, or keep in the car for those quick times that you feel like you smell... I should look into getting myself a roller on perfume. Jasmine isn't one of my favorite scents though. It reminds me of tea,

    The lipgloss even looks sticky. I picture it like the ones we used to wear in middle school - the stickier the better. Although, the two MAC lip-glass colors I had were super sticky as well so I guess some people might just like that stick factor? Personally, my hair always gets stuck in it and then I'm that bimbo with sticky lips with hair whisps covered in gloss...

    I think for 10 bucks this bag was a total win, even if just for the eye pencil. Although the face scrub sounds nice too, I tend to find the scrubbies with small particles much nicer than the ones with big chunks of walnut shell or what have you.

    Great post! We need to work on getting you a better camera. ;-)

    1. You wrote a whole new blog entry for me! lol!

      I think Black Velvet is a lot more warm-toned than my other black liners, which might be why it makes them look blue! It is just so, so, black though!

      I can bring some roller perfumes with me to your shower this weekend and if you like any of them, they are yours! I've been using little sample vials from the indie companies as trials, which also make great little carry-with-you things. This jasmine doesn't smell at all like tea though, it is really nice. Although, your pregnancy nose might disagree?

      I made the mistake of doing my trial-run of this lipgloss on a VERY windy day. Needless to say, I was *that bimbo* with the hair stuck to my lips and gloss stuck to my hair. Ugh. I was fighting a losing battle walking from the parking lot to my building!