Monday, February 24, 2014

Golden Tote February 2014 Review

Golden Tote February 2014 Review: $149 Tote

It's everyone's favorite time! Golden Tote review day!

The Tote, Itself

Golden Tote is a monthly clothing surprise service.  There are two options: a $49 tote and a $149 tote.  With the smaller tote, you pick one item from a gallery and GT surprises you with 1-3 more items.  This tote usually includes one clothing item and an accessory as the surprises.  The larger tote contains 6-7 items, with you picking the first two.  This tote will almost always include all clothing and zero accessory items (like scarves).  The larger tote will send you dresses more often than the smaller one.

Right now GT has sizes XS-L.  For reference, I order a size small tote and am a size 4 (27) in jeans and usually a small in tops (Old Navy and Target).  Everything always fits me really well.

First Look

This month, I was looking to expand my spring wardrobe.  This means getting away from my winter staple of gray, and into my spring staple of cream.  My two picks represent that mind-set.

Under Skies Dress

Under Skies Embroidered Shift Dress (Step into Spring Creme Dress on the site). ($45)

Under Skies Dress

This was the first item I chose.  I loved the cream color, with black accents.  It is the perfect winter-to-spring transition piece!  It has 3/4 sleeves and is lined.  It hits just above the knee. 

Under Skies Dress, Bow in Front

 I tried tying the belt in both the front and the back, and I like it either way.  I can't wait to wear it!

Under Skies Dress, Bow in Back

Potters Pot Pretty Embroidered Top ($42).

Potter's Pot Top

I couldn't pass up this top! It is cream, and I love sheer tops for this time of year!  I feel like they are very feminine, and that is usually how I try to dress in the spring. 

Potter's Pot Top

 Enough bulky sweaters and snow boots- give me sheer fabrics, soft colors, and delicate details.  I am wearing a pale pink tank top underneath for the pictures. 

Surprise Items:
Priddy by Puella Swing Dress

Priddy by Puella Swing Dress

This swing dress was one of the mystery items that was revealed during the ordering window.  The founders of Golden Tote are the ladies behind the Puella line of clothing (sold at Anthropologie), and it looks like now there is an offshoot of Puella called Priddy.  

Priddy by Puella Swing Dress

All of the dresses I have from Puella are really comfortable and look great on.  I have a 3/4 sleeve swing dress from them already, and was glad to add this full-sleeved one to my closet.  

Swing Dress, not belted

The elbows have lighter patches on them, and the fabric is a medium heathered blue.  It is darker than in the solo pictures.  The color in the first look picture is the most accurate.

Swing Dress, belted

As with most swing dresses, it looks better on me when I have it belted.

Puella Leggings

Puella Leggings.  Now, with 100% more duvet fuzz!

Another Puella item!  These leggings have a ruffled fold-over top and are made of nice, thick fabric.  They are also a lot longer than the other leggings I have!  Most only go down to my ankle bone, but these are longer than that.  I will definitely get some use out of them.

Ruffle Leggings

  I don't believe in leggings as pants, though, so I'm afraid nobody will be able to see the ruffled top.  Leggings are for under dresses and tunics!  Say no to camel toe!  All in all, I can always use more leggings.  I like them.

Under Skies Shirt

Under Skies Shirt

In the past, I have been sent a number of items of clothing by Under Skies, and I have loved them all.  

Under Skies Shirt

I was a little hesitant about this one until I unfolded it! I really like it.  The material is light and silky, and the crossed back adds a little pizzazz.

Under Skies Shirt, Back
with Puella Leggings

Under Skies Shirt, Front
with Puella Leggings

  It drapes nicely and the pattern isn't too garish for me.  I approve! Another win.

In Clover Top

In Clover Top

The last item is the one I was the most afraid of.  I had seen some spoilers online of other people's totes, and I was hoping I would not get this shirt (there were some other items that I didn't want to get, either, but this was the only one that showed up in my tote).  

In Clover Top

Alas, I got it.  I was afraid the patterned placket would be too much for me, but I don't hate it!  It is much nicer in person, and even better on a human.  The shirt itself is nice and soft, and I like the rolled-up sleeves.  I will make it work.

This was a nice tote for me.  I wear the clothing from GT more than anything else in my wardrobe! I went away for this past weekend and just about everything I wore was from one tote or another.  The items are always good quality and fit well.  I like that I can pick out one or two things I know I will love, and get surprised by the rest!  GT has a place for you to create a style profile, so the company can hopefully tailor your tote to your preferences.  It seems to work well for me!

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me.


  1. I basically got most of the same surprise items as you, but in different colors/patterns. :) Love everything!

    1. Yay! I agree, this was a good month :)