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Stitch Fix #2, January 2014

Stitch Fix #2: January 2014

Many thanks to the person who signed up for Stitch Fix using my link!  I used my referral credit to schedule a fix :)

Stitch Fix #2

Stitch Fix is a clothing service that, for a $20 styling fee, sends you a box of clothing items and sometimes accessories.  You have 3 days to try everything on and return what you don't like.  You pay for what you keep, and you get a 25% discount if you buy all the items.  Your $20 styling fee is credit toward a purchase.

I filled out a profile with my sizes and style preferences and Stitch Fix did the rest.

Look Cards
The stylist includes a card for each item with a few outfit ideas, along with a little letter.  It's a nice touch, and there are some ideas on the cards that I wouldn't have thought of.

My fix!
This month was pretty good, and the stylist definitely picked items true to my tastes.  I just wish everything wasn't so expensive!  Even after the 25% discount and $25 credit, I would have had to pay $182.50 to keep everything.  I didn't like everything that much.  I'd rather get Golden Tote if I was going to spend >$150 on clothes at a time.

Sophia Skinny Jeans, $88
First item was a pair of jeans from Kensie.  The Sophia Skinny Jeans were awesome, a perfect color and fit, but my budget doesn't allow me to buy $88 jeans right now.  :(  I liked them a lot!

Not too long!

Bye bye, jeans :(
Jeans: Returned

This is the shirt that I ended up keeping!

Galway 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Blouse, $38
It's really hard to take pictures of black clothes.  I tried.  The buttons are pearls with gold edges.  The shirt is on the sheer side, but you couldn't see the white tank I was wearing through the material. 

Not much definition to the shirt, but it drapes well
This blouse is by 41Hawthorn.

A little wrinkly from its travels
Blouse: Kept

Strasbourg Split-Neck Knit Top, $48
I had mixed feelings about this shirt from Loveappella.  I liked the purple, and that is was soft and long in the back.  I did NOT like that it was a $48 tee shirt.  Too expensive!

I'm so pale that I throw off the contrast.  Sorry!
I'm also having iPhone camera issues.  It works if I restart my phone, but it doesn't like to focus on things and sometimes will randomly close itself.   But, I digress.  I'm sorry for my shitty quality phone pictures.  It would look dumb if I took these with my iPad though!

Boring Shirt: returned.

Cellar Open Front Drape Cardigan, $48
Another weird item.  The sleeves on this Sweet Rain cardigan were too short to be considered long-sleeved, but too short to be 3/4.  I kinda just pushed them up.  The back of this was gathered with an elastic band, and I would have preferred it just drape.

Again, sorry for the color balance.
I would probably wear this, but if I wasn't keeping the whole box, I wouldn't want to pay $48 out of pocket for it.

Cardigan: Returned

Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeved Shirt, $48
UGH.  Again, it's super hard to take pictures of detailed black shirts.  This is a drape-front shirt from 41Hawthorn.  With this shirt, just like the cardigan, the sleeves were a weird length.  These hit just above my wrist bone.  Awkward.

It took me a full 5 minutes to put this shirt on.  It was needlessly complicated.
This shirt fits like a tight tee, but the the front panel folds up to make the cowl, so there are two layers with no bottom seam.  Does that make sense?  It took me a while to figure out how to wear it.

Holy cowl neck.
This wasn't really my style.  I don't really see myself wearing it.

Cowl-Necked Shirt: Returned

The merchandise total came to $270 for this fix, but if I had bought everything, the 25% off and the $25 credit would have brought the total to $182.50.  No thanks.  I kept the blouse and sent everything else back.  

I like the idea of Stitch Fix a LOT.  I really do.  I feel like this would be great for someone with a grown-up job who doesn't have time to shop, and has the money to afford an $88 pair of jeans.  That's not me right now, sadly.  

I would have loved to keep the jeans, but I'm glad that blouse I liked was the most inexpensive item in the box.

If you want to try out Stitch Fix, please use my referral link here.  I'll get $25 credit, and you will get a custom box of clothing to spare you from going to the mall.  Try it on in the privacy of your own home, see how it fits in with your current wardrobe, and send back what you don't like.  It's that simple.

This post contains items purchased by me.  No compensation or special consideration was received for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains a referral link; see above for details. 

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