Thursday, March 27, 2014

Golden Tote March 2014

Golden Tote, March 2014

Well, that's it.  I'm going on a diet!

I was so excited to get my $149 March Golden Tote! I had picked out some cute items and was looking forward to my surprises.

The tote itself

We will start with the surprise items.

Priddy by Puella Gray and White Striped Dress

Priddy by Puella gray and white striped dress- back view

I love this dress! It is exactly something that I would have picked out for myself!  

Priddy striped dress, back

Between the crossed back, the above-the-knee length, and the gray and white striped pattern, it is just about my perfect dress!  

Priddy striped dress, front

It's a little on the snug side, though :(  That's ok... at this rate, I'll have another month of snow before I can even wear this, so there is time to shed my winter pounds.

Porridge duck-backed T-shirt

Porridge tee... with DUCKS

This was one of the spoiled surprise items this month, and I am in love! 

Porridge tee, front

I was really hoping to get the duck print, I think it is so fun.  There were a few other patterns sent out this month, and they are all adorable!  

Porridge tee, back
Do you know one of the collective nouns for ducks is a PLUMP?  I have a plump of ducks on this shirt.

Plus, this is probably THE MOST comfy t-shirt I have ever owned.  It's amazingly soft and drapey.

Noble Sweater in driftwood

Noble sweater

I'm making up that color, but it's a pale purple-toned taupe.  It is a nice stretchy one-size-fits-most ribbon knit sweater.  

Noble sweater, front

It's cute!  I will get a lot of use out of this, as I really like open-knit patterns.  The seaming is a little weird, and I wish there were either zero or two pockets, but it is totally wearable.  

Noble sweater, back

I like that it is on the bigger side, and that is is super stretchy.  We all have bloated days, right?

Under Skies Lace-print shell

Under Skies lace-print shell

I actually wore this today and liked it more than I thought I would.  It looks so much better under a cardigan!  

Kinda boring like this
Under Skies lace print top

The print is subtle, and the material is silky soft.  It drapes nicely, but tends to get a little static-y.  

Big girl clothes!
Needs a sweater
Under Skies lace print top
I'll get some use out of it, especially if I end up going to a week-long conference this June, which I just registered for.  I need some big-girl, non-grad-student clothes!  I'm getting there, and Golden Tote is helping.

Here we go with the two items I chose.

Black and White Plaid shirt by Thread and Supply (Not-so-basic button-up)

Thread and Supply plaid button-up

I was hoping this would be flannel, but it is just a really soft cotton.  It's pretty sturdy, but still totally comfortable.  It is also a tiny snug and I can't button it all the way because of button gaps!  

I keep trying new poses and they are all awkward, then they end with me with my hand on my hip like always.
Not so basic button up in black and white

I wore a cami under it to work yesterday and it was ok, but I'm going to have to be vigilant about not putting it in the dryer!  

Thread and Supply button up

Normally everything I order from GT fits me perfectly, so I was a little sad about this shirt.  I didn't change my size preferences, either.  I guess this shirt just runs small!  Another reason to stop eating pizza and take-out.  (But it's so convenient and delicious!)

Elephant Dress by Porridge

Elephant dress by Porridte

I'm a little embarrassed I'm actually putting these pictures online!  It was quite the ordeal to zip me into this, and I couldn't wear a bra, and I'm pretty sure that this is obscene.  

...but it has POCKETS!

So, in short, this dress is way too small! I ordered the size I normally wear in dresses, but I definitely should have sized up.  I'm going to sell or trade this.  I don't even think losing a few pounds would work :(


This really bums me out.  This elephant dress is the reason I got the tote in the first place!  Ugh.

All together

Anyway, it was a decent tote style-wise, even with the size mishaps.  I picked two items and received 4 more in my $149 tote.  They also offer a smaller tote every month for $49, where you get to choose 1 item and receive 1-2 more.  The new sale is usually up the first week of the month, and I usually get my tote 3.5 weeks after ordering.  This is not a recurring subscription.

This is what is behind me in all those pictures, by the way!
I didn't know orchids dropped their flowers! I was so sad this fall! But now it is re-blooming :)

No special consideration or compensation was received for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own. All items mentioned within were paid for by me.


  1. WOW. What a great tote! GT for the win!

    I loved everything in your tote this month. The only thing I wasn't head over heels in love with was the open knit sweater. The seaming would bother me. Inside out seaming is just not my thing. The pocket is a quirky detail that I actually really like, which is why I still put the sweater in my 'like it' category.

    I'm bummed about the dress too! =( It's super cute fabric and it looks like the cut of the dress itself is fabulous. Anyway you can send it back for the size up??

    I think my favorite thing of this whole tote was your DUCK SHIRT. It was love at first sight! What a cool,quirky, casual shirt. Love it! That draping in the front too, man, makes my seamstress heart sing.

    I also loved the lace shell. I'm a sucker for shells in the summer. I think they look so polished when you just slap them on. They're really easy to wear and you can dress 'em up or dress 'em down.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy with it over all. The duck shirt was a hit when I wore it to work/happy hour this past Friday.

      Unfortunately, returns are an all-or-nothing thing :( I have to trade, sell, or give the dress to someone who will fit into it!