Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Phone Case of the Month, December 2013

Phone Case of the Month, December 2013

Phone case of the month is an inexpensive way to dress up your phone.  In addition to having iPhone cases, they now have cases for Samsung Galaxy users!

This is $10 per month and the cases are meant to be unisex.  It's a surprise what you get every month, and if you don't like it, find someone who does ;)

Love Birds

This month's case for me was Love Birds.  It came in a bubble mailer with a pin and fabric bag.  I neglected to take a picture of those, sorry.  Each case also comes with a little business-card-sized info card with the name of the case and relevant song lyrics or a poem.

I think this case is really cute!  It's more of a summer case, but that's fine by me.  I could use a little vacation from all of this snow and cold.

If you want to try out Phone Case of the Month, please use my link here.  I'll save $5 on my next case, and so will you!

**Thank you to the person who used my link, this month I was only charged $5 :)  I hope you like the case you got!**

This post contains items that I paid for myself.  All opinions are my own, and no special consideration or compensation was received for this post.  This post contains a referral link; see details above.

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